From Right Wisconsin: This Rogue State Agency Targets Conservative Speech

March 13, 2014

by Brian Fraley
Right Wisconsin Managing Editor and MacIver Institute Senior Fellow

March 16-22 is Sunshine Week. That’s the time of year when the mainstream news media applaud themselves for all they have done to create and promote open and transparent government. While many outlets have done some impressive work with regards to spending, lobbying and budgeting, there remains one significant black mark on their record: Their support for the rogue operation that is the most-secretive, least-accountable government agency in all of Wisconsin: The Government Accountability Board.

The GAB is a partisan cesspool that needs to be drained.

Point of order here, don’t confuse the GAB with the retired judges who comprise the Board. When there is a vacancy for the GAB, a panel of current judges (appointed by our liberal Chief Justice) must recommend at least two retired judges to fill the vacancy. The Governor can only pick from the judges put forward by this panel. This convoluted scheme gives GAB defenders the talking point that the GAB is filled with Walker ‘appointees.’ Rubbish.

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