Senate Bill to Prevent Ballot Container Tampering Passes in Committee

MacIver News Service | February 4, 2014


[Madison, Wisc…] The Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections passed SB264 on a 6-1 vote with little debate.

Original post on February 4, 2014 at 3:00AM:

[Madison, Wisc…] The Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections will hold an executive session on Tuesday to vote on a new bill that would make changes to the chain of custody for ballot containers during the voting process.

Senate Bill 264, introduced by Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin), would ensure “only the chief inspector and one other inspector whose party affiliation is different than the chief inspector’s party affiliation may secure the ballot container.”

This bill comes after there were several discrepancies in previous elections over how ballots were handled. This was especially noted during the Racine recount in the recall election of former Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine).

The MacIver Institute was on hand during the recount and documented many of the irregularities, including testimonials from individuals that did not know why ballot bags appeared to have been tampered with or who was responsible for the reopening and resealing of the bags. The video below details MacIver’s findings during the Racine recall recount.

SB 264 would likely eliminate the confusion because it would put responsibility for the ballot containers solely on the chief inspector and one other person.