Obamacare in Wisconsin – The Badger State’s Path to a Special Session

December 3, 2013

A MacIver Institute Special Feature

[Madison, Wisc…] From the beginning, the Affordable Care Act has had its fair share of failures, and it continues to struggle. Wisconsin is now reacting to the failure of the HealthCare.gov website that has kept thousands of people from signing up for Obamacare. Governor Scott Walker’s fix is to delay the reforms put in place by the budget that would have transitioned those making above 100 percent of the poverty level from BadgerCare to Obamacare. Since most of these individuals were unable to sign up for insurance on the exchange, Walker has called for a three month delay in the reforms. But, how did we get to this point? Why is a delay needed? We aim to answer these and other questions about Obamacare in this short feature.