From the Onalaska Holmen Courier-Life: Holmen School Board eyes insurance recommendations

October 25, 2013

[Holmen, Wisc…] With the help of Holmen’s recently formed 12-person Health Insurance Review Committee, healthier employees and fewer claims mean reduced premium costs for everyone. District employees now pay 20 percent or more of the premium costs, allowing for more breathing room in the district’s overall budget. But the higher individual and family insurance plan costs for employees have lead to new wellness initiatives to help drive premium costs down.

A number of uncontrollable factors drive premium costs, such as age, gender, and inflation. However, plan utilization is one thing that can be controlled. New wellness initiatives aimed at weight loss programs and chronic disease education programs, allow for reimbursement as well as fewer claims, leading to lower premium costs for all. Holmen School District is therefore able to benefit from overall budget savings thanks to higher employee contributions as a result of Act 10, while still helping individuals reduce their health care costs as well.

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