Top 10 Things to Know from the Fiscal Bureau Budget Analysis

MacIver News Service | August 7, 2013

[Madison, Wisc…] The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released their full summary and analysis of the budget on Tuesday. The tables and graphs below represent the key points that the MacIver Institute has focused on throughout the budget process. The MacIver Institute released a comprehensive analysis of the budget shortly after it was signed, and the information below will provide an in-depth view of the numbers behind the budget.

As MacIver has reported previously, the 2013-2015 budget is projected to end with $91 million in surplus while cutting income taxes by nearly $650 million. The budget spends about $70 billion over two years and $30.6 billion of that comes from Wisconsin taxpayers in General Purpose Revenue (GPR). Elementary and secondary school aids account for about one-third of GPR spending, and about one-sixth, or $4.6 billion, is appropriated to Medical Assistance.

The ten graphics below detail the state’s two-year budget:

1. Total Spending

LFB Summary - Total Spending.png

2. General Purpose Revenues

LFB Summary - General Fund Revenues.png

3. General Fund Condition Statement – Shows a $91 million surplus

LFB Summary - General Fund Condition.png

4. Total State Employees

LFB Summary - FTE Comparison.png

5. GPR Spending by Function

LFB Summary - GPR Functional Area.png

6. GPR Spending by Purpose

LFB Summary - GPR Spending Purpose.png

7. Breakdown of GPR Spending on Local Assistance

LFB Summary - GPR Local Assistance.png

8. Breakdown of GPR Spending on State Operations

LFB Summary - GPR State Ops.png

9. Breakdown of GPR Spending on Aids to Individuals and Organizations

LFB Summary - GPR Aid to Individual Orgs.png

10. Tax Changes in the 2013-2015 Budget

LFB Summary Tax Changes.png

A Summary of all fund appropriations to Wisconsin’s 56 Agencies is available here.

The full analysis from the Fiscal Bureau can be seen here.