Protesters Verbally Assault Northern Wisconsin Miners (Warning: Graphic Language)

Warning: the video below features profanity and is not safe to watch at work.

More protestors have settled on the oft-debated mining site in northern Wisconsin, and they aren’t happy about the progress being made there. In a recently released, profanity-laden video, a group of 6-8 anti-mining activists hurl threats, profanities, and insults at a group working for Gogebic Taconite while they try to work.

Their comments are upsetting. They tell the miners that they’ll “f***ing destroy” them. They warn that more protesters are coming and that the workers won’t “get anything done” once they’ve all joined forces.

At one point, a protestor even calls one of the female workers a “disgrace to women everywhere” and “a f***ing idiot.” She finishes her screed with a disturbing threat: “Get on the other side or die.”

The full video is below:

YouTube upload is courtesy of MediaTrackers.