NEW VIDEO: Capitol Protesters Laugh at Police Arrest Threats

MacIver News Service – July 17, 2013

[Madison, Wisc…] Protesters sang at the Capitol on Wednesday after threats from the police that members of the group would be arrested. After more than 45 minutes of singing, Capitol Police officers used a bullhorn to tell protesters that they would be subject to arrest because they did not get a permit and had more than 20 people. The threat was followed by laughter and jeers from the crowd. After police made the announcement, protesters finished the rest of the prearranged list of songs, which took about 10 minutes, and left the Capitol.

Here are some pictures from today’s Protester Sing-Along:

Police Arrest Threats Protesters.JPG

Capitol Police announce that protesters that continue to sing will be subject to arrest.

Protester GOP Pimps sign.jpg

Protester holding a sign that reads “Republican pimps sell Wisconsin. We get screwed.”

Singing Protesters.JPG

Protesters singing at the Capitol.