Milwaukee County Board May Have Violated the Open Meetings Law Again

MacIver News Service | June 24, 2013

[Milwaukee, Wisc…] The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), a non-profit public interest law firm, has filed an open meetings complaint against the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

According to the complaint, members of the Board violated Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law by holding “walking quorums” in which they secretly met and conducted business without giving public notice or debating in open session. During the series of small meetings, Board members allegedly agreed to fire Corporation Counsel Kimberly Walker.

Such quorums, according to WILL, violate principles of government accountability and transparency. Members may decide together how to vote prior to open meetings, resulting in votes during public sessions with no discussion that leave the public unaware of members’ intentions. WILL filed the complaint, as dictated by law, with the Attorney General, the Milwaukee County District Attorney, and the Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel.

These entities have the next 20 days to decide whether or not they will file a lawsuit. If they do not, WILL may choose to file suit against the Board.

See more information and a copy of the complaint here.