GOP Technical Amendment to be Voted on Wednesday Makes Substantial Changes to Budget

MacIver News Service | June 18, 2013

[Madison, Wisc…] Assembly Republicans proposed a technical amendment to the budget on Tuesday that will delete a provision that limited the Veterans and Surviving Spouses Tax Credit and deletes a $4 million grant to a Wisconsin aircraft company for job creation and retention.

The Assembly was supposed to begin debate on Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 40, the budget approved by the Joint Committee on Finance, on Tuesday. However, delays in the consensus on the technical amendment to the budget took up much of the debate time.

For the most part, the technical amendment makes changes to the budget that are meant to clarify the language in specific provisions. For example the first change the technical amendment would make changes to local Community Service Levies, better known as Fund 80. The correction changes the maximum levy amount to be set from the years 2012-2013 to “the most recent year preceding 2013-14 in which the district levied for those activities.”

The amendment makes several changes to the school choice programs in Milwaukee and Racine, including deleting the prior year attendance criteria for the Racine choice program which is expected to add 750 pupils through 2015.

It also amends the budget so that the Legislature may not pass any bill with general fund expenditures that exceed “estimated revenues in the second year of any fiscal biennium,” not including 2013-2015.

The full proposal can be read here.

The Assembly is scheduled to begin debate on the budget and the technical amendment at 9:30am on Wednesday. The MacIver Institute will provide up to the minute information and live commentary on Twitter. Follow @MacIverWisc for updates from the floor.