From Right Wisconsin: Did IRS Target Wisconsin Tea Party and Verify the Recall Effort?

The IRS Scandal comes to Wisconsin:

Why was the IRS interested in efforts to ensure the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was legitimate?

As the Obama Administration seeks to pivot to a new explanation for their activist Internal Revenue Service (IRS), we find out they took particular interest in the Verify the Recall effort which took place in Wisconsin during 2012.

Two of the three groups involved in Verify the Recall experienced delays in receiving their non-profit status. More ominously, the IRS asked at least one other conservative organization, in another state, about their relationship with the effort.

The North East Tarrant Texas Tea Party (NETTTP) never told the IRS they were working on the Verify the Recall project. The group may have posted the nationwide appeals for data entry volunteers on their website, but the project was being driven by the two Wisconsin-based tea party organizations. Yet the IRS asked the NETTTP to tell them all they knew about the Verify the Recall project.

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