New Mining Tax Rumors Could Have Roots in Cullen Bill

[Madison, Wisc…] Rumors of a new tax being inserted into the Republican mining bill could have their roots in the Democrat’s alternative mining bill.

Last week, Senator Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) unveiled his mining bill based off of hearings he held when Democrats held the majority in the State Senate last year. His bill would replace the net proceeds tax on mining and replace it with a gross tonnage tax.

“This is very similar if not identical to what Minnesota does,” Cullen said.

Rumors circulating this week around the Capitol suggested some Republican Senators were trying to insert that tonnage tax into the Republican Bill. Charlie Sykes reported that those Senators were Luther Olsen, Mary Lazich and Frank Lasee.

Neither Senator Olsen nor Lasee responded to a MacIver News Service inquiry on the matter. In a very brief email, Senator Mary Lazich wrote, “I do not support mining tonnage tax.”

On Wednesday, Senator Tom Tiffany, who authored the Senate Bill 1, told MNS that Democrats have not proposed any amendments to the Republican bill. That bill had a public hearing last week and is scheduled to have an executive hearing next week.