New Study Paints Grim Picture for Employee Health Insurance under ObamaCare

MacIver News Service | November 1, 2012

[Milwaukee, Wisc…] According to a new study from HCTrends, approximately one quarter of Milwaukee-area small businesses plan to end their company’s health plan when ObamaCare is fully implemented in 2014. In a similar survey conducted last year, just 16 percent of respondents said they planned to drop their employees’ coverage.

More than 180 Milwaukee-area employers took part in the online survey, and it is estimated that those who took part employ 120,000 workers.

In addition, the survey found that the costs associated with ObamaCare’s implementation aren’t just limited to small businesses. According to the study, 84 percent of Milwaukee-area employers with more than 500 workers expect to see a rise in health plan expenses next year, which could lead to the termination of coverage.

HCTrends is a forum for market-oriented health care solutions.

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