Colas Strikes Again: Activist Dane County Judge Opens the Door for MATC

MacIver News Service | November 13, 2012

[Madison, Wisc…] When Juan Colas ruled that parts of Act 10 were unconstitutional, the activist Dane County Judge opened the floodgates on a new round of hastened contract negotiations that stacks the deck in favor of big labor interests across Wisconsin.

In Madison, for example, the Common Council held a Special Session in September to approve new labor contracts free from the cost saving measures implemented by Governor Scott Walker’s budget reforms.

Now, Milwaukee Area Technical College’s unelected Board of Directors has opted to do the same.

On Monday, the board voted 5-4 to begin contract negotiations nearly a year before the current deal is set to expire. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, contract negotiations typically begin about five months before current agreements end.

This is not the first time MATC has attempted to rush through generous labor contracts.

During their last round of contract negotiations, the MATC faculty succeeded in preserving no-cost pensions for workers making almost six figures per year.

Professors in the MATC system have consistently ranked as some of the highest-paid educators in the state.

The MacIver News Service will have more on this story as negotiations begin.