GAB Punts on Election Integrity

‘Watchdog’ Won’t Investigate Racine Ballot Bag Debacle

[Madison, Wisc…] During the Racine recount this past summer, officials learned several ballot bags had been opened and resealed without explanation or documentation. It remains undetermined whether the contents of those bags were in any way disturbed or tampered with after they were opened by persons unknown. 
In an exclusive interview the MacIver News Service, Kevin Kennedy, Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Executive Director, says those incidents did not affect the results of the election and the GAB will not investigate the matter any further. 
So the mystery remains. Who opened those bags? 
Why were the bags opened and resealed between election night and the start of the Senate District 21 recall?
Why isn’t the GAB concerned enough to investigate this matter?
MNS’ Bill Osmulski reports from Racine and Madison.