Racine Election Update: Same Day Registration Checks

MacIver News Service | June 25, 2012

[Racine, Wisc…] The interesting case of the Recall Election in Racine continues.

Last week the Racine Journal Times reported:

The City of Racine is starting to get back stacks of postcards with incorrect voter addresses, including a few postcards for people who didn’t include an address when registering for the June 5 recall election.

After people register to vote, municipalities are required to enter their names and addresses into a state voter registration system within 30 days of the election and then the state sends out postcards to verify their addresses.

The city finished entering information for all June 5 same-day registrants into the system early last week, said Assistant City Clerk Donna Deuster.

Out of approximately 4,500 people who registered on Election Day, the city has had about 150 postcards which had incorrect addresses returned. She expects more to arrive during the next few weeks.

The MacIver News Service has had a pending Open Records request with the City Clerk for this information. This morning we personally inspected the cards at Racine City Hall and can report the City Clerk has now received 180 returned postcards.

Included in these piles of postcards are four individuals who voted on June 5th without providing an address. Some of the cards indicate misspellings and missing apartment numbers. Many, however, indicate the addressee has moved, is ‘temporarily away’ or that the card is undeliverable as addressed.

We are currently examining the cards more thoroughly and will update this story as more information becomes available.