Gov’t Unions Have Already Spent Millions in Effort to Oust Wisconsin Governor

MacIver News Service | May 2, 2012 

[Madison, Wisc…] Public employee unions have already spent more than $8 million in their effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) according to campaign finance reports reviewed by theMacIver News Service. 
The leading contributor is the Wisconsin Education Association Council, which has spent more than $3.7 million, including $3 million in contributions to the Wisconsin for Falk Super PAC. 
According to public documents made available by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, AFSCME has contributed more than $1.2 million to Wisconsin for Falk and the SEIU has given $500,000 to the We Are Wisconsin PAC.

There are 5 weeks until the June 5 general election when it is expected that Governor 

Walker will face either former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk or Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret.

Mahlon Mitchell, a public employee union lobbyist from Madison, is favored to be the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

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