Concessions made by union members will save Waukesha School District $600,000 on current contract that expires in 2013. The district, in return, agreed to save positions.

Waukesha School District and employees in the Local 2485 (union) approved an agreement that the employees will contribute four percent of their wage toward the employee share of the Wisconsin Retirement System effective July 1, 2012.

Local 2485 employees include custodian/maintenance, clerical and assistant staff such as instructional and special education aides. The union also agreed to reduce long-term disability benefits from 90 percent of wages to 67 percent of wages and gained access to vision benefits.

In consideration of the concessions made by the union, the district agreed to maintain the current staffing of these groups, with the exception of clerical staff lost through attrition and potential assistant staffing changes due to fluctuating enrollment and program needs.

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