MacIver Requests Correction From Milwaukee Co. District Attorney’s Office

For Immediate Release – December 7, 2011  Contact: Brian Fraley 262-225-3546

Statement of Brett Healy, President of the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy:

“This poorly-worded excerpt of the 14-page letter from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has led to some confusion and inaccurate reporting that an employee of the MacIver Institute said and did things that he did not.

“I do note that when Bill Osmulski, a representative of the MacIver Institute, called to enquire about the status of the Media Trackers complaint, he was told that Mr. Sikma refused cooperation.  Osmulski said he would look into the matter. The next day I was given the name of Colin Roth, the witness, without the need for, John Doe process.”

“While all three statements, taken separately may be true, there is no correlation between our reporter’s inquiry into the status of the investigation into Wisconsin Jobs Now and Media Trackers’ subsequent cooperation with the DA.

“Bill Osmulski did not supply the District Attorney’s office with any information about the Media Trackers report, nor was he requested to do so, nor did he instruct anyone from Media Trackers or elsewhere on how to proceed with their independent reporting or their possible cooperation with the District Attorney’s investigation.

“While we are proud of our reporting of the connections between Sandy Pasch, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Jobs Now, we find Mr. Landgraf’s mention in this letter of the independent inquiry of our reporter downright odd. Was the MacIver News Service the only outlet to contact the DA’s office in the days immediately following the publication of Media Trackers’ original report?

“At best the wording of his letter was cumbersome and sloppy. At worst it was written with the purposeful intent to lead the readers of the letter (including journalists and the general public) into believing that Mr. Osmulski consulted and coordinated with Mr. Sikma and then provided the DA with the name of Media Trackers’ source.

“We can see how the wording of the Landgraf letter could lead some to question the vigor and professionalism of the entire investigation conducted by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

“We are calling on Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf to issue a clarification forthwith and respectfully request that media outlets who reported incorrect information based on Landgraf’s letter issue a correction.”