Democratic Party-Big Labor Coalition Goes All Out for Recall of Governor Walker

MacIver News Service | October 20, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] The effort to recall Governor Scott Walker is underway and is highly-organized, with dozens of employees set to work out of more than 20 planned regional offices.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin laid out its initial plan to recall Governor Scott Walker at a volunteer training meeting in Madison Tuesday night.

The Wisconsin Reporter website sent a journalist to the local AFSCME offices where the meeting was held. The reporter collected some printed materials before being asked to leave. Those materials reveal a two-phased operation that only takes the recall effort to January 13.  Phase one is underway now, and involves building capacity and organizational structure. Phase two is the actual petition process, which goes from November 15 to January 13.

The Madison training session was one of 19 scheduled to take place at party offices, labor headquarters and public meeting spaces across the state this week. According to materials handed out at the meeting, DPW has divided the state into eight regions and is prepared to have 44 field officers operating out of 22 offices.

During the Senate recall elections in August, state Democrats’ goal was to recall at least three Republican Senators. While they failed to achieve that objective, organizers hope to use the lessons learned from that effort to help them collect the more than half a million signatures needed to trigger a recall election of the Governor.

The signature collection process begins next month.