Economic Growth in Wisconsin Slows but Remains Positive

MacIver News Service | September 7, 2011

According to a monthly report by the Chicago Federal Reserve, Wisconsin continued to have positive economic growth in the Midwest Economic Index (MEI), but it has slowed down from previous months.

In the month of July Wisconsin’s index score slowed to .02. In the month of June Wisconsin’s index came in at .10. All five states in the index (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa) saw their scores drop from June to July.

There was some good news for Wisconsin though, as it continued to score higher than Illinois and Indiana, coming in with an index score of -.02 and -.09 respectively. There was also good news in the data from Wisconsin as the manufacturing sector was scored at .09.

According to the Chicago Federal Reserve, “the index measures growth in nonfarm business activity based on indicators of four broad sectors of the Midwest economy: 1) manufacturing, 2) construction and mining, 3) services, and 4) consumer spending.”