Orchestration, Escalation of Thursday’s Protests

MNS – | June 3, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] On Thursday night a group of religious leaders and about 250 protestors met on the Capitol stairs to protest the education reforms being brought up in the Joint Finance Committee.

What was billed as an event in which “we (AFSCME Wisconsin) will join members of the faith community for a candlelight vigil to protest Walker’s morally wrong budget,“ quickly turned into an event that was something other than peaceful.

The rally kicked off with a few songs and a tranquil vigil. Little electronic “candles” were passed out before the rally by SEIU leaders.

After a few songs, a wide array of religious leaders came up and talked about social justice, workers’ rights, and how they, the unions, must continue to fight for the poor of this country.  During the speeches supporters participated in an exercise to create a web amongst themselves.

Speakers talked about how all individuals on this planet are connected, in some way shape or form, even the evil Scott Walker. Mentioning of his name brought the typical loud boos and ringing of cowbells, as we have seen in Madison in protests since February.

The last speaker, a religious leader from Milwaukee, got up and with his boisterous voice began to energize the crowd. He ended the rally by insisting that the crowd “must walk into this building and show these people we mean business.”

A loud drum lead the 250 people into Capitol, as they went on to cause a scene at the Joint Finance Committee.