Catch a Replay of Gov. Scott Walker’s Speech at the American Federation for Children’s Event May 9th

Here is Governor Walker’s speech on the state of education and economics in Wisconsin, recorded live May 9 in Washington, DC. In his keynote address at the American Federation for Children’s National Policy Summit, Walker addresses past concerns and future reforms facing public education for all Wisconsinites. The video is courtesy of our friends at Students First Pennsylvania.

The Governor’s speech begins at 19:00. A topic-by-topic rundown of educational talking points follows below for quick reference:

  • Education’s impact on the workforce (27:30)
  • Using the Florida example (A+ Plan), and how a series of reforms have put Florida in front of Wisconsin when it comes to educational outcomes (28:45)
  • How Wisconsin’s past history of reform led to a stronger economic climate (30:00)
  • Creating a better system of school grading, better system of standardized testing (33:20)
  • Trumpeting St. Marcus, suggesting a better way to compare outcomes between types of schools (35:00)
  • Wisconsin’s achievement gap, ACT testing (37:20)
  • Lifting the enrollment cap of the MPCP (39:30)
  • Talks about the creation of Hispanics for School Choice (41:00)
  • Expanding the MPCP to Milwaukee County (41:45)
  • Reaching out to the middle class with MPCP expansions (44:00)
  • Introducing a Special Needs Scholarship (46:50)
  • Emphasizing the need for true open enrollment (47:00)
  • Lifting the cap on virtual schools (47:30)
  • Lifting limits on charter schools, allowing them to move into vacant public school buildings (48:00)
  • Limiting union power against grievances and creating more freedom for teachers to focus on teaching; supporting teachers (49:30)
  • Conclusion (52:00)