Victorious Prosser Speaks in Madison

MacIver News Service | April 18, 2011

[Madison…] Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser gave a passionate, if belated, victory speech at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Monday.

The victor in this month’s election by a margin of 7,316 votes, Prosser spoke for nearly 30 minutes, reflecting upon a lifetime a public service and a tumultuous reelection campaign.

“A funny thing happened to me on the way to my concession speech,” Prosser said. “The people of Wisconsin told me to tear it up and go back to work.”

On election night, unofficial media reports had Joanne Kloppenburg ahead by only 204 votes. Once all the 72 Wisconsin counties completed their official canvas last Friday, however, Prosser was declared the winner.

At the press conference Prosser and his campaign team discussed the looming legal challenges that may be in the offing, should Kloppenburg demand a recount.

“Now that all 72 counties have completed their canvasses, the result of the election is not in doubt,” Prosser said.

The head of the state’s Government Accountability Board has estimated a statewide recount would set taxpayers back at least one million dollars.

The Kloppenburg has until the end of the day Wednesday to request a recount in the race.

MacIver News Service’s Bill Osmulski reports from Madison.

+Note, Jim Troupis, who serves as the attorney for the Prosser campaign, is also on the board of Directors of the MacIver Institute. MNS is a project of the MacIver Institute.