Citizens Encouraged to Support Walker’s Jobs Agenda

MacIver News Service | January 5, 2011

[Madison, Wisc] The finishing touches are still being made on the Scott Walker’s jobs agenda for the ongoing emergency Special Legislative Session, but the  state’s chamber of commerce likes what it sees so far.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has launched a statewide radio advertising campaign by which it promotes the Walker jobs agenda.

The radio spot proclaims, “There’s good news on job creation,” before encouraging citizens to contact their lawmakers to voice their support.

“People need to let their legislators know their constituents support Governor Walker’s jobs agenda,” said James Buchen, vice president of government relations for WMC. “Governor Walker has taken the lead on improving our business climate with tax cuts, regulatory reform, curbs on lawsuit abuse and other proposals. Now, lawmakers need to hear from the folks back home.”

While some bills are still being drafted, yesterday Walker released the legislative language of proposals that would:

  • Place limits on manufacturers’ liability to products that were manufactured, distributed, sold, or promoted within 25 years before the date the injured party’s cause of action accrues
  • Make several changes to current law regarding civil actions for negligence in long?term care facilities product liability, punitive damage awards, and awards for defending a frivolous lawsuit
  • Discourage plaintiffs from filing frivolous claims, caps non-economic damages for medical malpractice, and protects the confidentiality of best practices peer review information
  • Create a non-refundable tax credit for income deposited in a health savings account
  • Exempt businesses from income and franchise taxes for two years for businesses that have done business in Wisconsin for ten years or more
  • Increase the amount available for economic development tax credits from $75 million to $100 million
  • Require a Super Majority of 60 votes in the Assembly and 20 votes in the Senate to pass any bill that raises taxes

In addition, Governor Walker has previously announced he’ll also forward proposals to offer tax relief to small business owners and to  revamp the state’s Department of Commerce.

“The time to act is now,” Buchen said. “We need to unleash the job-creating potential of Wisconsin employers by improving our business climate,” Buchen said.

Legislative committees will begin deliberating on some of the proposed jobs bills next week.