Readers’ Choice: Top News Stories of 2010

MacIver News Service

Earlier, we posted our top video exclusives for 2010. For our print retrospective, we let you make the selections.

What follows are our top ten MacIver News Service written reports of the year, including some exclusives, based on overall web traffic. As you can see, most of the stories are more recent, reflecting a growing readership for MNS, upon which we will build in 2011.

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10.  Twin Lakes Street Rehab Makes List of 100 Worst Stimulus Projects 

9. Lame Duck Session on Contract Approval Would Be Second Ever in State History, First in 36 Years 


8. Milwaukee’s Rank as 4th Poorest City in Nation Comes Amidst Concerns Over City’s Schools, Public Safety


7. Facts About ‘Green Job’ Creation Elusive as the Wind

6. Walker Asks Doyle to Stop New Hiring, Projects


5. Wisconsin Supreme Court Affirms Property Rights, Rebukes Governor Doyle

4. Walker Not Shying Away from Showdown with Government Unions


3. Wisconsin Borrows $1.4 Billion from Feds for Unemployment Funds


2. MacIver Institute Posts Legislators’ Financial Disclosures Online


1. MacIver Institute Obtains Government Union Contract Documents, Posts Them Online