MacIver Institute Obtains Government Union Contract Documents, Posts Them Online

Earlier this week, the MacIver Institute, issued a call for members of Wisconsin’s government employee unions to send us copies of the contracts on which they are voting, as negotiations with the state conclude.

We vowed to put the documents online.

The following day, two of the most powerful legislators in the state called upon the Doyle Administration to post the contracts.

While the state rejects those requests, we are following through on our pledge.  Below are the first of what we hope will be several documents that shed some light on this secretive negotiation process. 

We have received much of this information multiple times, from people whose identities we could confirm but are keeping confidential, per their request. 

We have more contract information in the queue, so check back often. An analysis of these documents will be published in the comments section of this post, and we encouraage you to share this information with others who may wish to join in the conversation.


The WSEU is the largest state government union, with 22,000 of the nearly 39,400 unionized state government employees.

AFSCME Council 24/Wisconisn State Employee’s Union Bargaining Unit Conference delegates met in Madison on Tuesday to discuss the  tentative labor agreement. MacIver News Service has obtained the documents distributed at that meeting. This union’s membership will be voiting on ratification of this contract, by mail, until December 10th, meaning the soonest a legislative session could be held to approve this contract would be December 11th.

AFSCME-WSEU Brief on Overtime Changes

AFSCME-WSEU Brief on Health Insurance Changes

AFSCME-WSEU Proposed Language Adjustments from Previous Contract, and Memorandum of Understanding