CEOs Rank Wisconsin as Poor for Business

MacIver News Service – Wisconsin fares poorly in a national magazine’s annual survey of best and worst states for business.

Chief Executive surveyed 651 CEOs across the U.S.  and once again gave Texas top honors, closely followed by North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Wisconsin, which at 42nd is actually one place higher than last year’s ranking, is among the 5 states that have fallen the most in the last five years. In 2005, Wisconsin ranked 26th, 16 spots higher than this year’s ranking. Only New Jersey has fallen further since then.

Wisconsin ranks 30th in net business migration and 35th in debt per resident.

Those business leaders who were surveyed were told to draw upon their direct experience to rate each state in three general categories: taxation and regulation, quality of workforce and living environment.

The CEOs ranked California as the worst state for business, with New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts filling out the bottom five-a line-up, according to, that is virtually identical to last year’s poorest performers.

See the chart, here.