Tea Parties Continue to Organize in Wisconsin

MacIver News Service – A crowd of more than 1,000 people gathered at Wisconsin State Fair Park on this rainy Wednesday morning as the Tea Party Express rolled into West Allis.

The bus tour is making its way across the country. Tuesday evening included a stop in Madison and later today there will be events in Green Bay and  Eau Claire.

Several hundred ‘Tea Partiers’ were on hand nearly an hour before the scheduled start of the event and traffic was backing up at the entrance of the parking lot where the rally was held. Attendees either held umbrellas, flags, signs or a combination thereof as they tried to stay dry and express their desire for less expensive and less intrusive government.

Mark Block of Americans for Prosperity was pleased at Wednesday morning’s turnout, especially considering the inclement weather.

“This many people, in this weather, it’s just phenomenal,” said Block. “Next week is shaping up to be something special.”

He was referring to the Tax Day Tea Party scheduled for the State Capitol grounds in Madison on April 15th.

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