Massive Push to Facilitate Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Underway

WARNING: Unless the public acts soon, it will become a lot easier to commit vote fraud in Wisconsin.

Under a ‘reform’ plan that is racing through the legislature, the manner by which Wisconsinites may register to vote will be drasticaly changed in such a way that Wisconsin’s voter protections will be among the weakest in the United States.

Under the recently-unveiled proposal:

  • People who challenge the validity of potentially fraudulent voters will have to show proof of where they live (and will no longer merely be required to be a legal voter in the state), but those who vote will continue to be free from such obligation when they cast their ballots
  • Individuals in Wisconsin could be registered to vote, and have their sensitive personal information shared with election officials, without their consent
  • National nonprofit groups would be tasked with validating new voter registrations, meaning your local clerk who is sworn to uphold the state and national Constitutions would not have to
  • Registration could take place over the Internet, managed by the same government agency that has spent more than a decade and untold reams of tax dollars tyring (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to facilitate the electronic filing of campaign finance reports
  • Controls on absentee ballot requests and submissions would be significantly weakened

If you hadn’t heard about this, you’re not alone. In fact, the sudden and accelerated effort here was as well-planned and coordinated as any liberal-sponsored vote fraud activity we’ve seen in this state in the last decade.

Assembly Bill 895 and Senate Bill 640, were first made public on March 24th.  By April 1st both bills had public hearings and were passed out of committee on Democrat party line votes.  This week the plan was approved in a similar partisan fashion by the Joint Finance Committee. Floor votes in the Assembly and Senate could happen as early as this week.

The website asks me and  Scot Ross of the leftist One Wisconsin Now to engage in weekly exchanges on a topical issue of our choosing. This week we both wanted to discuss this sleazy attempt to weaken Wisconsin’s already wobbly voting laws.

From my entry this week:

Here’s a more accurate description of what’s going on: “Troubling news out of the Wisconsin Legislature this week as a secretly crafted bill that makes it easier to commit vote fraud is racing toward passage by the Democrat-controlled state government as the majority party is worried about maintaining their power this fall through legal means.” One horrible piece of this plan, which came out of the blue and is moving faster than Gwen Moore’s son ran away from the slashed tires on Republican get-out-the-vote vans, is that it takes registration validation out of the hands of county clerks and allows community organizing groups (Read: ACORN) to assure that all new registrations are on the up and up. 

You can read the entire exchange here.

This liberty-denying monster of a bill is greased for fast passage unless the public becomes informed and outraged quickly.

Stay tuned.

By Brian Fraley
A MacIver Perspective

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