Kagen Coy, Kind Uncertain on Senate Health Plan Vote

MacIver News Service – Just days away from what could be the most significant vote in their tenures in Congress, two Wisconsin representative are either undecided or not revealing how they will vote on the controversial Senate health care reform bill. 

The Washington, D.C publication The Hill lists Wisconsin Congressman Steve Kagen (D) as a “firm yes” in their just-updated online ‘whip count’ of the final vote, while his colleague Congressman Ron Kind (D) is listed as one of 57 Democrats who are currently undecided.

“We want to see the final product before we make a decision,” said Leah Hunter, spokesperson for Kind. “Congressman Kind is generally in favor of health care reform. He voted for the last bill, but this one’s a little bit different.”

While The Hill reported Kagen is a ‘firm yes,’ vote, our call to the Congressman’s Washington D.C. office revealed a bit less certainty.

A representative for Kagen told the MacIver Institute that it was still unknown at this time how the Green Bay Democrat would vote on the Senate bill.

As for when the public will have a chance to see the final product, and when the House will vote, that, too,  is uncertain.

“There are rumors that it could be coming out today,” said Hunter.

If so, when would the actual vote take place?  “We’ve been hearing Friday, Saturday or Sunday,” Hunter said.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told The Hill Tuesday that the vote could be delayed until as late as Easter.