Debating TGT

This week’s installment of “That’s Debatable,” is a discussion of what a potential U.S. Senate run by former Wisconsin Goernor Tommy Thompson would mean for this state.

Each week, the website asks two veterans of Wisconsin policy and politics, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now and our own Brian Fraley (a Director at the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy) to engage in exchanges on a topic of their choosing.

From Fraley’s entry, this week:

Russ Feingold’s record deserves the kind of intense scrutiny that the press may provide if he’s up against Tommy. Feingold is vulnerable, the polls show it, he knows it. And so do you…

You can read the entire exchange here.

The two were also on statewide television this weeked. They squared off for an eight-minute segment on UpFront with Mike Gousha. You can see the exchange here.