Debating Scott Walker’s Job Pledge

This week’s installment of “That’s Debatable,” is a discussion of Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s pledge to see Wisconsin’s economy add 250,000 jobs in four years.

Each week, the website asks two veterans of Wisconsin policy and politics, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now and our own Brian Fraley (a Director at the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy) to engage in exchanges on a topic of their choosing.

From Fraley’s entry, this week:

Walker outlines his six keys to a better business climate: 1 – Lower Taxes; 2 – Less Regulations; 3 – End Frivolous Lawsuits; 4 – Better Education; 5 – Improve Healthcare; and 6 – Strong Infrastructure. Yes the devil is in the details, and it will be up to him and his campaign to follow through with the meat that needs to be put on those bones. Yet, even as it stands today Walker’s is more of a plan than the current administration’s, which is … um … well as soon as they have one I’m sure they’ll let us know. As for Walker’s record with dealing with the three budget problems of Milwaukee County employees, the Ament pension mess and the unions? Three more gold stars on his report card! 

You can read the entire exchange here.