Public Officials’ Access to the Public

Each week, the website asks two veterans of Wisconsin policy and politics, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now and our own Brian Fraley (a Director at the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy) to engage in exchanges on a topic of their choosing.

In this week’s installment of “That’s Debatable,” Fraley and Ross debate the significance and value of the MacIver News Service.

From Fraley’s entry:

You have frantically sent out an alert telling people not to talk to our reporter(s)… Fortunately Democratic lawmakers like Sen. Risser, Representatives Col√≥n, Grigsby, Sinicki and Young, and Milwaukee County Supervisors Mayo, DeBruin and Jursik as well as activists like the NAACP’s Jerry Hamilton understand that our reporting on issues like the MPS debate has been fair and honest. The more eyes watching government, the better. The more opportunities elected officials have to speak to those they represent, the better. Non-profit journalism is taking off because news consumers are smart enough to look for news in a lot of places, and public officials are willing to get their message out in new ways.

You can read the entire exchange here.