Debating the State of the State

Each week, the website asks two veterans of Wisconsin policy and politics, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now and our own Brian Fraley (a Director at the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy) to engage in exchanges on a topic of their choosing.

In this week’s installment of “That’s Debatable,” Fraley and Ross debate the significance and value of the MacIver News Service.

From Fraley’s entry:

[T]his week’s speech was a metaphor for Doyle’s tenure as governor: An uninspiring piece devoid of bold solutions and ignorant, or worse yet ambivalent, to the harsh realities facing Wisconsin families and businesses… Face it, Gov. Doyle limps out of the East Wing with sky high joblessness and the state’s economy in a shambles. His big push for reform at MPS dies among infighting in his own party. His DNR can’t manage the white-tailed deer hunting season. He’s pushing for a jobs-killing global warming bill right at the same time the world is discovering the Earth is entering a period of prolonged cooling.

You can read the entire exchange here.