Government as a Growth Industry?

The saddest nugget taken from this payroll data^ from the Department of Workforce Development…

Wisconsin now has more government jobs than manufacturing jobs!
(438,200 to 435,800)

In the past month Wisconsin has added a net 4,900 government jobs and lost 3,000 manufacturing jobs. In the last year, we’ve lost a whopping 46,000 manufacturing jobs.

Add this to the “Legacy of Governor Jim Doyle” file.

The Department of Workforce Development’s only jobs plan seems to be the printing and distribution of oversized checks given to displaced workers for job retraining programs.

We have a publicity-shy Department of Commerce whose strategy seems to be to take as low of a profile as possible.

There is no coherent economic development or jobs agenda coming from those running this state.

And now the Governor wants to impose a series of global-warming proposals that will make it even more expensive to manufacture anything and everything here.


The private sector, not government, is the engine for economic recovery.

*from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

By Brian Fraley
A MacIver Perspective