Budget FastFact A Clandestine Usurpation of Local Control, Sure. But it Was Done on Time.

As reported on the video link to the right, and in this article, a secret deal in the State Budget allows the Oneida Tribe to bypass local liquor licensing processes and negotiate directly with the State.

How did that provision get in the Budget?

Which legislators were lobbied?

Who wrote the language?

When did the Green Bay area Democrats know this provision was in the secret deal?

Nobody’s talking.

Carrie Lynch, a spokesman for state Sen. Russ Decker, D-Weston, said the language was part of a Senate Democratic caucus budget that was completed behind closed doors. She said she did not know if Decker was responsible for the language.

Pathetically, State Majority “Leader” Thomas Nelson refuses to offer any explanation.

Rather than be honest and upfront with the media and his constituents, he simply restates the one talking point on which Legislative Democrats are hanging their hat:

“For the first time in 32 years, Wisconsin passed a budget on time,” he said.