BREAKING NEWS Secret Budget Deal Revealed

The team at the MacIver institute is in the process of reviewing this document as you read this blog posting. But here it is, the 65-plus page secretly-negotiated new new budget deal that will be voted on by the Joint Finance Committee today.
Again, our twitter feed has ongoing commentary.

But at first blush, this looks to be approximately 70 percent of the entire GPR budget in one, sweeping, secretly-negotiated omnibus motion, on which no public hearing was held.

New taxes. New fees. New fund transfers. New mandates. New policies.

Funny, we can’t remember a lot of these items being discussed at last week’s Doyle/Pocan/Miller press conference. The media focused on the layoffs and furloughs which account for just a small fraction of what’s being done to cover the ever-worsening budget deficit in Wisconsin.