Tea Party Groups Vow to Verify Recall Signatures

MacIver News Service | December 5, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] We the People of the Republic and The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty, two of Wisconsin’s most prominent ‘Tea Party’ groups, are organizing an effort to check the validity of all signatures submitted in the ongoing gubernatorial recall.

The project is taking place, online, at VerifyTheRecall.com

“Software has been developed that will help identify duplicate signatures and other signature irregularities (questionable addresses, etc.),” wrote Ross Brown of We the People of the Republic in an email to supporters. “Additionally, individuals will be able to look up their name and address on a website to see if they have been included as a petition signor.”

Last week, the MacIver News Service reported that despite requesting a supplemental budget appropriation in excess of $600,000, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board would not be checking the authenticity or validity of the more than 540,000 recall petitions.

“We have all been hearing reports of duplicate signatures, questionable practices, and downright fraud in the gubernatorial recall effort,” reads the introductory posting on the VerifyTheRecall website. “In the last few weeks, there has been a public outcry to build a system to check the submitted signatures after learning that the Government Accountability Board (GAB) will assume all signatures are valid unless challenged as otherwise.”

Ross said the effort is all about Wisconsin voters making sure their elections are clean and fair.

“By taking such efforts, we will be able to protect the integrity of Wisconsin’s elections by ensuring that only legitimate Wisconsin electors are counted – once – as signors of petitions,” Brown wrote.

Ross notes the project is undertaken in an effort to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin’s elections and associated processes. The project, which also has a page on facebook, is an independent, non-partisan effort and is not affiliated withany candidate or public official, or with any campaign.

Volunteers will not be able to start entering data into the database until the gubernatorial recall drive is finished and the data is publicly available from the GAB, which could take months.

Ross stressed that the Verify the Recall project does not endorse or oppose any public officials or candidates for public office. We the People of the Republic and The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty are 501(c)4 non-profit organizations.

  • yabecoo

    Someone has to do the GAB\’s job. What part of the word \”Accountability\” do they not understand?

  • Frank

    All of it.

  • Heather

    A friend of mine mentioned a week or 2 ago that she had already signed the petition 3 times. She was not aware that you aren\’t supposed to sign more than once. I wouldn\’t doubt that there is an issue with validity of the recall signatures.

  • Anne

    It is hard work keeping the left honest. I really wish they could be trusted to do the right thing themselves, but….yeah, we know where that leads. (Obama is a clue).

  • Evy

    Glad to hear of this effort. One of my kids told me that his neighbor signed the petition in his home town, then drove around Madison signing several more times. I decided then, that if there were some why to help check petitions online, I\’ll be there!

  • farmer

    I kid you not, I saw kids around early junior high age signing the petition in Sun Prairie. The adults were conveniently looking the other way. Do these people understand what happens when you willingly destroy your own democracy? Do they really think what replaces it is better, for them or anyone else?

  • Liz

    I\’ll help verify signatures. I would like the tax dollars that pay the government slackers to go to us volunteers. Fair is fair.

  • Dave

    I\’m not from Wisconsin, but I am like the rest of the people of America. I want a legal and honest election. I keep tabs on Wisconsin, hoping that the Governor wins his recall. I would also love to see the people who are willfully and knowingly allow people to sign more then once, or that they are letting kids sign the petition, go to jail. This would halt some voter fraud.

  • Fred

    And then there is the wailing and gnashing of teeth when accurate or photo ID is required to vote. Of course.
    Recall voting is also important and should be subject to the same scrutiny.
    Go to it, WI- take charge of your fate!

  • I\’m confident that a group that uses GoDaddy\’s \”WebSite Tonight\” product will be able to handle the quick creation of a web-based distributed entry and verification system for volunteers to use to confirm the errors in perhaps 30,000 scanned images, and that they can integrate commercial software that accurately recognize handwriting written on clipboards using various writing instruments in cold weather on xeroxed forms. Who cares if the GAB pointed out that it is not illegal to sign more than once?

  • Ruth Warner

    I would like to verify signatures. I live in Brookfield. I\’m retired & am free most afternoons. Thanks, ruth

  • Do you want help from people outside of WI? I am a Minnesotan – and we too are in the middle of union insanity with our day care. Our liberal governor made an executive order trying to force day cares into the union, saying if they were subsidized they were effectively government employees (never mind most day cares receive no subsidies)….the unions are breaking our cities (hello Detroit) – and if I can help fight them I will.

  • Tom

    This is a list of people inclined to vote against Scott Walker. It is public record. I believe that if the folks on this list go to http://www.itsworkingwisconsin.com, a significant % of them will either not vote or will actually vote for Scott Walker. Ward by ward, person by person, we need to have people who believe in financial responsibility reach out to friends, relatives and neighbors who\’s names appear on the recall list, with the only goal being to get them to inform themselves by spending 10 minutes on the \”its working\” website.

  • Platt

    Why does the GOP control the governorship, the house and the senate, but we still have to put up with a bias group GAB Doyle set up. Why doesn\’t Walker insert his own appointees where Doyle had his? Let\’s either get a fair board or get rid of it…

  • Pamela

    Ruth sign up to help out. Im already signed up to be a volunteer. http://www.verifytherecall.com link is up there in the article.

  • Pamela

    I read on a liberal\’s blog that they went into a nursing home to get signatures. I bet half those people didn\’t know what they were signing. IF they signed it themself at all.

  • The corruption in our nation is getting worse. The violence is getting worse. I thought we were a peaceful nation. We are getting more violen like Europe. The unions are so big that they are not for the people any more. Communisim is trying to take our country with out firing a shot. Why get Walker out of office? Give him a chance and if you don\’t like the kind of job he doing vote him out. We put up with Dole for 8 years and now we are in debt like the rest of our country. Give Walker a chance.

  • BuckyBadger

    Do you mean Doyle? (not Dole, a brand of pineapple)
    \”The unions are so big that they are not for the people any more.\”
    The FACT is that union membership is at a near all-time LOW.
    Communism? Give me a break, lois.

  • BuckyBadger

    Oh you read it on a blog – that means it MUST be true.
    Themself? (not a word)

  • BuckyBadger

    I believe you mean \”biased group\” rather than \”bias group.\”
    The GAB is made up of former judges who serve 6 year, staggered terms. Walker will be able to appoint members as the current board members terms expire. (Assuming he survives the recall.)

  • BuckyBadger

    I believe you mean \”more THAN once\” not \”then.\”
    No charge for correcting your usage, Dave.

  • BuckyBadger

    Let me get this straight, Liz. You want to \’volunteer\’ but get paid for it? Who are these \’government slackers?\’

  • BuckyBadger

    The ignorance displayed on this website is astounding!

  • BuckyBadger

    Also – we were in debt BEFORE Doyle took office too. I know you teabaggers have short memories, but you can\’t rewrite history.

  • BuckyBadger

    Hey – remember when California recalled Gray Davis? I\’m sure you teabaggers were out in full force to \’verify\’ the authenticity of every signature, weren\’t you? By the way, when the philanderer Arnold left office, the deficit in California was BIGGER than it was when he became governor. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

  • SquashTheLibs

    Bucky, you\’re showing your ignorance and immaturity by using the derogatory label for Tea Party backers.
    Also, I don\’t believe the Tea Party existed when Calif went after G. Davis with a recall. Need to check your facts?
    Must be cold in your room down in your parents basement in Madison this time of year.