‘Pink Dress Guy,” Infamous Beer Thrower, Now Targeting Gov. Walker’s Children in Online Taunt

MacIver News Service | December 1, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] Miles Kristan, the infamous ‘Pink Dress Guy’ who has harassed media and threw a beer at a Wisconsin lawmaker at the height of pro-union protests earlier this year, is engaging in an online effort to draw attention to Governor Scott Walker’s two teenage sons.

On his Facebook page this Sunday, Kristan posted links to the personal pages of Alex and Matt Walker.

[W]hats [sic] it like having the most hated dad in all of Wisconsin ??? this kid knows,” Kristan wrote as  his status message late Sunday night. Kristan included a link to Matthew Walker’s Facebook page in his status message.

He then immediately followed by posting a status stating, “and this kid knows as well,” to which he linked Alex Walker’s Facebook page.

Matthew and Alex Walker are teenagers who both attend public high school in Wauwatosa.

Kristan’s antics brought immediate, and varied, responses from his online friends.

“Too far Miles,” one wrote. “Leave the kid alone.”

However another replied, “Not too far in my opinion…Matthew has pro-daddy stuff all over his wall…”

One state lawmaker, who represents’ the Walker’s hometown in the State Senate, denounced the Facebook postings.

“While this particular stunt may not be illegal, it certainly crosses the line, or what used to be the line,” said State Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa). “But these pro-union agitators have no shame whatsoever; the forces behind the recall believe in taking back power by any means necessary and if kids are caught in the political crossfire, they don’t care.”

Typically children of political figures, like President Obama’s daughters, are generally protected from scrutiny by the media and traditional political activists.

But 2011 has been anything but a typical and traditional political year in Wisconsin, and Kristan has played a key role in fueling the heated atmosphere.

Miles Kristan has made a name for himself as a pro-union protester this past year. He’s helped organize massive disruptions at the Capitol, he’s participated in Occupy Madison, sought to harass and intimidate political opponents, and even assaulted Rep. Robin Vos by throwing a beer on him.

Kristan is not alone in turning to Facebook to continue his political agitation.

Since its beginning the social network site, Facebook, has been subject to countless debates and controversies surrounding privacy rights on the internet. With sites like Facebook, a casual comment or inappropriate picture can potentially be viewed by millions of people.

As the popular saying goes, “The internet is forever.”

The MacIver News Service has previously reported instances of people making threatening comments on the site. Most recently, a woman posted a comment suggesting assassinating Governor Walker.

Kristan and his friends are no strangers to the Dane County legal system, although many conservatives have complained that police and the Dane County district attorney  have not taken their lawbreaking seriously.

Last month the Madison-based, Youth Revolutionary Council announced: Activists Miles Kristan and the other “usual suspects” are leaving Madison on a speaking tour across Wisconsin to bring attention to the recall effort of Gov. Scott Walker, beginning this month.  “These activists have made their presence known to our state legislators but now they are traveling to every county in Wisconsin because they want to talk directly to you.,” according to the online announcement.

It remains unknown if Kristan and company will talk about the Walker children during their upcoming statewide tour.

  • Bruce

    Weren\’t Barack and Michelle Obama spearheading an anti-bullying crusade earlier in the year?

    All the Obamas need to do is intervene on behalf of the Walker boys. Problem solved.

  • Jake

    I don\’t see how what he did is any different from you posting his facebook stuff online. He didn\’t direct anyone to bother or harass the kids and from what I can see by going to the Walker kids pages they both do a great deal of online campaign work for their dad.

  • Roe

    It doesn\’t matter if you\’re liberal or conservative. No one should act like this, and it\’s sad that he\’s aligned himself with the pro-union/liberal side when I\’m sure 99% of them would find this behavior disgusting.

  • Ethan Winston

    So What? A kid supports his father so have at it? He\’s a kid. There is no good reason for this, and the fact that you\’re condoning it with such a weak reason is very telling about your character.

  • devil\’s advocate

    now who\’s the crazy going around threatening people?

  • Miles Kristan is an adult (allegedly). That\’s the difference We are showing these cockroaches to be every bit as filthy as they are. Shining the light of truth on his ilk is a public service.

    Miles should be ashamed of himself, but then I doubt if he has any shame, given his past actions.

  • bob

    What a little prick you are Miles…..Were you dropped when you were young? Or did being an over the top ass come naturally?

  • you would know, right? sitting smugly at your computer passing judgement. you\’re so wise!! 🙂

  • hahahaha! he said 99%, doh! so clever, roe, why can\’t we all be more like you?

  • hilarious. neither the blogger nor the underwear conservative recognize their own hypocrisy.

  • annnnd the underwear blog is closed to comments. because they can only dish it out.. do not question their authori-tah

  • Corey Englesby

    Walker and his family get what they deserve. I don\’t disagree with all of Walkers beliefs but the fact that he messed with my unemployment and my financial aid he can go to hell. Just for the fact that his policies personally affected me.

  • bwahahaha! hahahahahaha….hahahahahaha. no seriously. hahahahahahahahah!

  • John Griswold

    They also has one of the most loved dad\’s in Wisconsin.

  • Jake

    No but really, the MacIver Institute has done the exact same thing as Miles. They posted the exact same info and pictures of the Governors children as Miles did.

  • sally

    Ruby, you got anything better to do or even say anything relevant? Just judge and belittle with snide silly comments.

  • sally this whole blog is \”snide silly comment.\” who have I judged here? am I judging the people judging my brother? what good ever comes of partisan quibbling? it\’s nothing but a huge time waster. which is why I\’m sitting here killing my time to debate with geniuses like you. you want something interesting, check out my youtube channel. youtube.com/rubelena

  • big dog

    Bringing teenage kids into the political fray is not OK, but this is nothing compared to posting home addresses of recall supporters and participating in active intimidation. For example:


  • This whole \’Recall Walker\’ movement is driven by labor unions desperate to regain power and privilege lost with the enactment of reforms needed during tough economic times.

    I don\’t know Miles, but I don\’t think he belongs to a labor union. In regard to all of his antics (not just this Facebook junk), maybe he\’s just a pawn who believes the union propaganda. Maybe he\’s a socially dysfunctional dude who is unable or unwilling to get the counseling he needs to actually do something with his life. Maybe he\’s just a d-bag with too much time on his hands and nothing better to do. Who knows? Who cares?

    What I do know is that he adds nothing to the debate. Ridiculing underage kids of politicians for simply supporting their Dad is rather lame, but so is giving attention to someone who deserves none.

    Next time he accosts a Maciver intern, defend yourself with a penny loafer to the Kristan family jewels and move on. Don\’t try to blog him to death.

  • Jerry

    Ruby, I am truly sorry for you. It must be difficult having a brother like yours, who embarrasses the family and has so many legal difficulties. I wonder if your parents ponder the upbringing they gave to the both of you and think back on things they would have done differently that may have prevented young Master Kristan\’s constant brushes with the law and inability to process right from wrong. It must however make for an amusing Christmas letter for your mother to write. Dear friends and family- this year our dear son was arrested 10 times and was photographed wearing a pink tutu! So funny compared to the moms who only get to send out notices of their sons graduations and employment accomplishments. Dear Ruby, I suggest you find gainful employment yourself, and not follow in the family tradition, as I see lots of calls from your brother in the future requesting bail money, with a dwindling number of people who care enough about him to pick up the tab. Well, there is nothing like sisterly love- right Ruby?

  • Maybe the pink dress guy wants to audition for Veto-Man.
    Picture of pink dress guy:http://sytereitz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Walkerville-6-14-11-042.jpg
    Picture of Veto-Man: http://sytereitz.com/2011/12/recall-walker-or-wanted-one-veto-man/

  • Steve

    It is even worse when you think that her original message was to try to drive visitors to her You Tube page. This whole mess stinks of blatant attention seeking by people who choose to out-do each other with stupid pranks. People wonder why our unemployment numbers are not great -you have Scott Walker trying to make things better -trying to lure companies here -who wants to bring their business to Wisconsin to hire people like Miles and his merry band of idiots? Would any sane person hire someone who acts like that? Oh yes, I forgot, he is probably being paid by the unions and United Wisconsin (you know, that group made up of out-of-state money who are trying to represent Wisconsin) to cause trouble. Think he is getting union wages, benefits, and a retirement program??? I think knot! Just another disillusioned youth who will end up somewhere on public assistance as soon as this whole mess dies down -unless he can find another cause to champion. If only he could find a pink dressmaker to protest…

  • jimspice

    Wow, this article opened up the Walker boys to a much wider audience than the original poster did. And it seems the guys own friends have pretty soundly chastised him.

  • Oh man, a whole YouTube channel dedicated to Taproot? But how are you able to post replies so quickly all the way from back in 2002?

  • Hey Ruby: go back to striking out at Singles Night at Old MacDonald\’s Farm. Proof that even farm animals have standards.

  • I don\’t like the way that Facebook posts have become news. Facebook drama is easy to cause and easy to find, so it\’s pushing real news off the page. Idiots reign. If the uncivil deed was exposing the names, pictures, and Facebook pages of Walker\’s children, then MacIver Institute compounds the error of the idiot\’s deed.

    If Walker doesn\’t want his minor children to be exposed to Facebook, then it\’s time for him to take parental control of what his children are doing on Facebook. There are privacy controls. In this time of the firestorm that Walker has created, he and his wife should realize that uncontrolled friending would lead to trouble.