Goofy process? GAB Says Mickey Mouse, Hitler Signatures Would Be Deemed Valid, Only Tossed if Challenged

MacIver News Service | December 13, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] The Government Accountability Board needs more than $600,000 to verify the anticipated 1.5 million recall petition signatures against the governor and several state senators.

However the process it will be using, which was unanimously approved by the Board Tuesday, will assume every completed signature is from a valid Wisconsin elector… even if their name is Mickey Mouse or Adolf Hitler.

Testifying at a meeting of Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, GAB staff made several stunning admissions. GAB representative stated, on the record, that all signatures that include a proper date and a Wisconsin address are presumed valid, even those of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler.

More than 540,000 signatures are required to trigger a recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The recall petitions will not be data entered by state staff. It falls on Walker, or other independent groups, to discover fraudulent signatures among the tens of thousands of recall forms submitted. If the signatures of Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler, etc are then discovered, they can be contested, but they are given the presumption of legitimacy by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

Bill Osmulski reports:

  • Doug

    Why are you trying to disenfranchise Mr Mickey Mouse of Milwaukee Wisconsin?

  • Who makes up the Government Accountibility Board? Airheads? How much more crooked can this recall get!

  • Mark

    Jim Doyle appointed all but one member of the GAB board. Do I need to say more?

  • Singularity

    Hitler and Mickey Mouse, really? Then I suggest that Gov. Walker follow the Lame Stream Media\’s example and farm out the verification of each and every signature to a wellspring of online Republican activists.

  • Seed

    All the fake names probably come from republicans trying to mess with the process anyway, just so they can point and say how fraudulent it is. They need to grow up and stop playing games.

  • Dan Wood

    Talk about an inept, incompetent group of bozos.
    Every time the GAB makes a move, it is an embarassment
    to the state of Wisconsin.
    Time to rise up and drain the swamp people! The airheads
    in Madison have been holding the reins of goverment for
    far too long!!

  • What type of Third World banana republic has Wisconsin become that obvious fictitious identities are allowed by the Jim Doyle hacks known as the GAB to participate in the electoral process?

    All that does is disenfranchise legitimate voters. Nothing more. Hugo Chavez would be so impressed.

  • Basia

    This needs to go national to humiliate the incompetent GAB which is nothing more than a group of Doyle leftover hacks. It\’s time to give the fraud promoting GAB a dose of their own Saul Alinsky medicine: national ridicule. Rush Limbaugh opened up his show talking about it today. The left can only win their case with fraud. It\’s simply their normal mode of operation. It\’s a slap in the face of every other legitimate voter in WI. Disgraceful conduct GAB! You are a shame to this state! Everyone, get this to national news whatever way you can.

  • Bryce

    \”All the fake names probably come from republicans…\”

    This seems to be the consistent response from the left about the GAB situation. An attempt to refocus on who signed fraudulently, rather than debate whether the GAB is acting appropriately.

    I assume that Seed (along with the other liberals) agrees with the GAB and has no rational arguement in support of the GAB decision. Therefore we hear (imagine in a whiny, childlike voice) \”All the fake names probably come from republicans…\”

    Before you accuse your imaginary villians and tell them to \”grow up and stop playing games\” maybe you should look at yourself and try to grow up and learn to discuss issues like an adult. Until then, the rest of the adults in the room will continue to treat you and your liberal cohorts like immature children who cannot rationally support their positions.

    But what do I know… I\’m just one of those people who disagree with you and must therefore be a \”stupid head\” and a \”dummy\” that you \”don\’t want to play with anymore!\”

  • milkman

    I would think that the signatures should be verified before being turned in by the group turning them in. Then if there are any false signatures that caught by the GAB or the party being recalled should have the petition completely rejected as attempted fraud.

  • Seed

    Wow, Bryce I must concede what is possibly your one valid point that imagining something said in a whiny voice makes it sound whiny. I can only imagine you are full of keen insights like that.

    See, it is your \”cohorts\” that are out to deliberately disrupt, destroy, delay and basically do anything to sabotage the process and its integrity. I did not realize that imaginary people show up on camera, make Facebook posts, or have charges pressed against them. I still have trouble with that, since these things have all actually happened. That\’s why it is difficult to garner sympathy for your position when the GAB is only backing away when the ones that are complaining about them are also purposely trying to make the process as burdensome and sloppy as possible. There will still be a time to challenge signatures and I believe full advantage will be taken of that to an indulgent level, court cases and all. But for now, it is your \”cohorts\” that have messed the bed, so sorry I don\’t follow that it should be up to somebody else, especially the government, to clean up after them. Isn\’t that a conservative value? And that\’s why with your denial of any wrong-doing coming from people who oppose the recall I can easily picture your response coming in a spittle-flecked faux-rage. (Ooh, look, I can do it too.)

    So, no, you have no place to address the maturity of myself or others just because they happen to disagree with you. Zero.

    And for the record, I consider myself an independent and my support is behind Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer, so you even missed the mark there. Incredible.

  • Art

    Since there is no address, yes that Mickey Mouse would need to be excluded. Also why I use and not as is smart enough not to list a Mickey Mouse in Milwaukee.

  • Susan

    Interesting in light of the fact that Republicans were encouraging one another to pull these stunts. You heard it on the radio, saw it on posts…\”It\’s not Illegal to sign the petitions, Adolph Hitler. Do it!\” And now, the same party uses their own shenanigans to cry \”fowl play!\” THEY are the fowl ones. And since there will be so many extra signatures, Micky and Adolph will be just a less than one half a percent, but the MacGiver institute will act as though it\’s 800,000 of them just to defame the effort of many many hard working passionate people who want better than the raids on our rights and livelihoods offered by this administration. MacGiver twists events like a pretzel maker, and Wisconsinites lose. May our best wits keep us safe from the damage done through these lobbyists working for…you got it. NOT you.