Governor Walker Target of Online Death Threat

MacIver News Service | November 7, 2011 | UPDATED 3:39 pm

[Madison, Wisc…] A death threat against Governor Walker was removed from Facebook on Monday, almost three full days after it was initially posted.

“Earlier this morning, Capitol Police became aware of an online death threat directed towards Governor Walker,” said Chief Charles Tubbs in a statement issued this afternoon. “Capitol Police takes any threat directed towards those who visit or work in the Capitol seriously, and Capitol Police investigators have identified and interviewed the responsible individual. Capitol Police does not generally comment on specific security issues.”

Tubbs issued the statement after an inquiry made by a MacIver News Service reporter.

“Rather than recall him… Can we kill him instead? Just curious,” wrote Regan Cowan on the Recall Walker Kick Off Rally event page on Facebook Friday afternoon.

When someone responded with “He’s signed a bill allowing conceal to carry IN the capitol…..Someone just might get away with it!!!” Cowan then posted: “I’m game.”

The effort to recall Governor Scott Walker is underway and is highly-organized, with dozens of employees set to work out of more than 20 planned regional offices.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin laid out its initial plan to recall Governor Scott Walker at a volunteer training meeting in Madison last month. DPW is working with a coalition of labor groups under the United Wisconsin umbrella and has divided the state into eight regions and is prepared to have 44 field officers operating out of 22 offices.

During the Senate recall elections in August, state Democrats’ goal was to recall at least three Republican Senators. While they failed to achieve that objective, organizers hope to use the lessons learned from that effort to help them collect the more than half a million signatures needed to trigger a recall election of the Governor.

The death threat was posted on the Facebook page promoting a rally by We Are Wisconsin, the labor union mega PAC that spent more than $18 million on the State Senate recalls earlier this month. We Are Wisconsin is one of the groups helping to organize a Recall Kickoff Rally on Saturday November 19.

Moments after the MacIver News Service contacted the page’s administrators for comments about the threats, the offending post was removed.

Screenshot of the threat at  12:35pm Monday:

Screenshot of the page as of 1:35pm Monday:

  • Bruce

    MacIver\’s readers should be encouraged to run the name of Regan COWAN DOB 10-13-1979 of Madison, WI in the Wisconsin Circuit Court\’s searchable online database (CCAP).

    Ms. Cowan is no stranger to the justice system. She has what could tactfully be described as a \”colorful past.\”

    This is what happens when the system repeatedly mollycoddles repeat nuisance offenders. They develop the perception of being untouchable, and lose touch with the reality of social norms, a la Jeremy \”Segway Boy\” Ryan.

  • Dylan

    This is hardly a death threat, just an idiot saying something that shouldn\’t have been said. Also if you are going to post this screenshot, block out the names. There\’s no reason why you shouldn\’t have done this.

  • Terry Dipper

    Why Dylan?

  • Pete

    Dylan – Too many murders have happened when a threat wasn\’t taken seriously. Better to err on the side of safety than to ignore. This goon needs to be investigated and then it would be decided if they are just an idiot saying something they shouldn\’t have. BTW, everyone is warned about what\’s posted on Facebook, regardless of how you perceive their privacy standards. This was posted in a public forum so blocking out names would be fruitless.

  • Apotex

    REGAN COWAN seems to be a very troubled youngster from that rap sheet. Good thing he got caught before he went postal.

  • Ken

    Why are we not prosecuting the leaders in Washington for making death threats against Iran?

  • Mr. Pelican Pants

    Umm…it\’s a \”she\”. I know, I had the same reaction.

  • Francis Clark

    Its one thing to say something. Its another to do it. When you take away the rights of the people things Emotions can run a little high. If Scott Walker was die in a plane crash like Paul Wellstone their would be other right wing nut jobs to take his place.

  • Coop

    And yet the left tried to make political hay out of the \”crosshairs\” map when Rep Giffords was shot. Never mind the fact that the left had put out a similar map with targets on it…

  • chris

    The woman who made the comment is a dialysis patient who uses a walker to get around. Last time I checked we were a free society to joke about and criticize the government. Anyone who know this person, knows it was a joke. facebook is a private social network with no affliliation with government .Being the mentally challenged people that work for faux (fox)news… Im sure this will be edited out too….so much for free speech.To further my point, lets talk about some of the hateful word that Hannity and Bill O\’Rielly have spouted over the yrs about Obama…they should be guilty of threats more than anyone. And lets not forget about the tea bag wackjobs bringing guns to protest the president. Walker can kiss my ass.

  • Woddy Walburt

    Chris, have you ever watched the O\’Reilly or Hannity shows or listened to their radio shows?

    If they ever…ever said anything aproaching what this cretin did on this facebook page, we would have all seen/heard it beacuase it would have been BIG news. The fact is that you just made up that lie or, you have never seen or heard them and someone told you they threaten B. Hussein Obama.

  • Woddy Walburt

    That is the dumbest question in the history of the internet.

  • chris

    Lies??? lets see…hmmm Both used his full name to insinuate him being a terrorist in the context in which they spoke… (most people consider terrorist \”threats\” and there are wack jobs that believe THAT and would give obama death threats, so yes that makes a joke about walker look light!!)spreads panic.Ol Bill and hannity have called him everything from a socialist, challenging his citizenship with the whole Kenyan birth certificate thing.and what stems from those BS comments were people showing up at Obamas speeches with open carry firearms to prove a point or intimidation…even though it was technically legal it could easily be construed as a threat. I will source my point here =>

    I\’m a deer hunter who has common sense…but the people in the article I sited are the wack jobs repubtards and teabaggers who watch fox lies… I just sourced my info and proved my point. you……..FAIL

  • chris

    I will leave a final comment for Bruce and Butt Woddy.

    \” Never argue with the stupid, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience\”

    I Should have listened to that quote today obviously.

  • Don

    \”Tea bag wackjobs\”???? ONE man, a black man at that, who was portrayed as white because the criminal media (CNN and MSDNC) wanted it that way. ONE MAN, ONE GUN, big deal. Typical MSDNC lies.

    Oh, and offering to kill someone and egging others on to do the same is NOT \”freedom of speech\”. Freedom of speech does not give one \”the right to yell \’fire\’ in a crowded theater\”. I guess you conveniently forgot about that fact.

    As far as Walker kissing your behind, I am sure he has better things to do than that. God knows what kind of loathsome disease he might contract from contact with your body. He is too busy saving Wisconsin from complete financial collapse to waste time satisfying your deviant urges. Go back to the fetid swamp you came from, turn on MSDNC and wallow in the mire of your useless parasitic existence.

  • Yasherka

    So in your eyes, a citizen PEACEFULLY exercising a right = publicly communicating a death threat to an elected official?

    I am so tired of you leftards. You are dishonest on a scale that boggles the mind. Your flat indecency to your fellow man is not compatible with the freedoms you enjoy, and the freedoms you and yours wish to take away from others. In short, YOU are the cancer killing this country. Please leave.

  • Yasherka

    The \”I\’m game\” comment leads me to believe this thug was prepared to act on it. It looks like a death threat to me. As to not blocking out the name, why? I think shining the light of truth on these cockroaches is a good thing.

  • Green


    It is obvious that you are too stupid to have a sensible discussion with you. Fact is that Fox News is about a good as it gets. Guys like Shep Smith still are way to main stream media. Journalism has sunk to new low levels. The socialist education system has created a monster in the past 50 years. Fortunately there are folks out there that can actually read our countries founding documents to see what we could be if we adhered to them. Walker is doing a great job in very difficult circumstances.

  • joel3990

    Chris you must be a union man or woman and that says it all.

  • joel3990

    why block out the names they had to be proud of the post in the first place. Making threats on some ones life is a crime. prosecute, prosecute, prosecute. I don\’t care if the person was 105 and bed ridden some idiot liveral may have read that post and acted on it

  • Bill

    Actually Facebook is not private at all. It is a public website that allows anything you post to be available to ENTIRE world. You can change your privacy settings, but that doesn\’t apply to comments posted on 3rd party sites, or on group/event pages. I don\’t care if this woman was confined to a hospital bed for the rest of her life. The bottom line is she PUBLICLY called for the assassination of a public official, and then responded saying she was willing to do it. That is a crime. I hope the police charge her, because there is no room for threats in political debates. We can all disagree, but we should at least keep that disagreement civil, something those of the left can\’t seem to do.

  • Mark Block

    Do you know who else isn\’t a stranger to the Justice System?
    James Wigderson!

  • Mark Block

    Walker is a douchebag.

  • Kaitlyn

    Walker is not a douche bag, he is a leader trying to do what he thinks is right for Wisconsin. Everyone is making huge deals over the concealed carry and union rights when we were one of the few that actually had collective bargaining and didnt have concealed carry… people are just so stubborn.

  • Thomas

    Yes, Walker is the very definition of a douchebag. Nearly everything he\’s doing is in the name of selling our state to the Koch brothers and their sleazeball friends. It\’s actually quite obvious to people who don\’t have their heads planted firmy up their butts.

  • Oh, look! Real felonies occurring! Including Terry Dipper! Will MI cover this actual story? Doubtful. The Koch brothers wouldn\’t like that.