Speaker’s Suggestion that Protesters Start Urinating on GOP Lawmakers Draws Applause, Laughter at Fighting Bob Fest

MacIver News Service | September 18, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] Thousands of liberal political activists, gathered here Saturday for an annual conference, cheered and laughed as a speaker recounted the recent assault of a GOP lawmaker.

The crowd attending the Fighting Bob Fest also rejoiced at the suggestion that protesters, instead of dumping beer over the heads of Republicans, should urinate on them.

“This is Wisconsin, this is the place where you had some guy pour a beer on the head of a Republican State Senator?” said Fest speaker Greg Palast as the crowd erupted with cheers. “No, no, no, that’s all wrong. You can’t do that. That’s just wrong. I’m from New York. If you’re going to pour beer on a Republican, you have to drink it first.”

In audio of Palast’s speech posted online, the crowd can then be heard breaking out in loud and sustained cheers and laughter.

Madison Police on Friday cited Miles Kristan, commonly referred to as ‘Pink Dress Guy’ with disorderly conduct for an incident that occurred Wednesday evening. According to police reports, Kristan dumped a beer over State Representative Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and two of his colleagues GOP Reps Scott Suder (Abbotsford) and John Nygren (Marinette) at the Inn on the Park hotel bar and restaurant.

The incident has brought to a head concerns by conservatives in Madison that law enforcement there have not taken threats to public safety seriously. Many on the Left, however, have openly mocked the incident as humorous and minimal, although most of this has come in the form of facebook and twitter postings and none in such a public fashion as Palast, an author and freelance journalist, brazenly did on Saturday.

Hear the clip, which was posted on the liberal Democurmudgeon

Fighting Bob Fest is an annual gathering featuring progressive speakers, networking opportunities, and folk-style entertainment, according to organizers. Named after Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette, the event attracts thousands and had previously been held at the Sauk County fairgrounds but was moved to the Dane County Coliseum this year.

The line up of speakers included Democratic Congresswoman and US Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin of Madison, Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, John Nichols of the Capital Times and The Nation Magazine, former Congressman David Obey, US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Matt Rothchild of the Progressive magazine. According to press accounts attendees included Vos’ colleague State Representative Mark Pocan.

Ironically, earlier this year Pocan joined Vos in a call for more civility in Madison.

Pocan has not issued a statement regarding the assault on Vos, nor Palast’s comments that protesters should instead urinate on their political foes. As of press time neither has any of the speakers mentioned above.

The inciting comments and crowd reaction come one day after State Representative Steve Nass (R-Whitewater)  said he believed Madison law enforcement leaders are partially to blame for the escalation of disorderly and dangerous conduct by protesters in the Capitol city.

Nass believes that Madison Police Chief Noble Wray, Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne have been more interested in cooperating with protesters than enforcing the law.

“The problem is not with rank-and-file police officers. They have had enough, as well. Frankly, the problem rests squarely with the top law enforcement leaders that have let their partisan views interfere with the conduct of their offices,” Nass said.

Indeed, the beer incident of Wednesday night was not a spontaneous occurrence.

The MacIver News Service discovered a video, posted online, of Kristan and another protester harassing Representatives Vos and Suder just last week. In the video, which is apparently shot by Kristan and can be seen here, the representatives leave the Capitol and head over to check into the Inn on the Park. This video corroborates allegations that these two individuals have repeatedly harassed Vos, Suder and others.

“I am somebody and you will listen to me,” the agitator screams at one point in the six-and-a-half-minute video. Earlier, he warns that he was giving Vos “five business days to respond.”

The beer was dumped on Vos and the others five days after the video was posted.

Many conservatives share Nass’ concern that Madison authorities, while not mocking the incident as publicly as Palast, appear to be supportive of Kristan’s antics. Nass warns this casual attitude toward unrest could reach a boiling point.

In this exclusive video interview with the MacIver News Service, Nass said, “[I]f Madison law enforcement authorities don’t begin to crack down on the repeated and escalating harassment of lawmakers and staff “somebody is seriously going to get hurt…or killed.”

  • SunnyJ

    Isn\’t there a video clip of police union spokesman Jim Palmer using a bullhorn in the rotunda during the heat of the protests, assuring the protesters that police were not going enforce any rules that they didn\’t agree with? I remember hearing it, and realizing, that when the police are more loyal to their unionistas than they are to rule of law…there will be big trouble.

    Compare NYPD\’s response to the groups that tried to shut down Wall St. this weekend. They were having none of that nonsense. Showed up enforce and redirected the protesters to a park.

    I am a teacher and forced union member and I have attended and observed at many left/right demo\’s this last year. I have never attended a left rally and found conservative right wing protesters harassing and confronting, screaming names at children, running noise interference and attempting to block in the protesters and force them to walk out by a 2 person gauntlet while the police stood by, and only required them to reopen the gauntlet when it closed and they were trapped. I have seen that at several Tea Party, pro Walker rallys.

    Check out the discussions on the web. Madison is getting an even worse reputation for itself…consider the Chief of Diversity and Climate ratchiting up the demo\’s last week and sic*ing the protesters on the press conference of the right wing speaker. Watch that video and see the police standing around, walking around, doing nothing about the breaking and entering of private property, physical attack of employees, violation of the speech rights of the conservative speaker and refusing to leave. They will have no one to blame but themselves, when it explodes…but, even then, they\’ll be calling for gun control so they are the only ones able to defend. This is why the right to citizens to protect themselves must be upheld. If Chief Wray doesn\’t like that, he doesn\’t have to look any further to wonder why honest and lawful citizens wouldn\’t feel safe depending on him and his policies.

  • Steve

    All we ever suggested was voting them out in an orderly election…

  • cujat

    Amazing the police would look the other way to protect people who would squeel with glee if one of them was shot in the face execution style(those lefties love the police afterall)! There is never a shortage of useful idiots!

  • martinj7

    This just proves that union thugs are taking over and that is a bad thing for America. When the rule of law is ignored we become a 3rd world country.


    This is precisely why you do not want government employees represented by unions period. Do you honestly think that union violence and looking the other way by their union brothers in the police promotes fairness. The unions are the schoolyard bully in every sense of the term.

  • Dr. Chas

    Unions, especially \”progressive\” (communist) unions, ATTEMPT to intimidate everyone into going along with the union line of bull. Union leaders are nothing but common thugs, and have NO place in our society! But they\’re also obama\’s buddies.

  • John

    This double-standard is really disturbing. Had this been people on the right encouraging this behavior to be inflicted on democrats, the liberal cheerleaders in the media would be all over them. Just like gas prices are higher than ever and all of a sudden it isn\’t the president\’s fault anymore. But go back 4-5 years ago, when gas prices went up, the biased media would always include the words \”Bush Administration\” with the rising figure.

  • Randy131

    When were Unions ever respective and held to civility by the rule of law? You have to enforce the law before one respects it, and you can\’t have civility without respect.

  • Randy131

    You are correct, but unfortunately the majority of Wisconsin citizens can\’t see that, or are affected by the Union\’s demands for rights never guaranteed by either the US Constitution or the Wisconsin Constitution, and especially not by our Creator. If people truly believed in GOD, these Unions could never get away with what they do, nor if they were Christian, would they want to. One mandate the Unions have caused, \’Closed Labor State\’ making it mandatory to belong to a Union in order to have the right to work for a living, that is against the precepts of GOD as illustrated in the Bible in Mathew: Ch20 Vs.1-15, and this shows why Unions are evil, no matter what their members want to believe or declare and proclaim.

  • All I have to say is this, stop and think for a moment before you people advocate doing any violence, for this is just exactly what Obama and his handlers want they then can declare Martial Law and suspend the Constitution. Is this what you really want Federalized National Guard Patroling the Streets, and going house to house with the ATF Form 4473 in hand and seizing you weapons. If you think it will not happen think again. There is a better way, you start by filing Court Papers against the Police and the Chief for Failure to enforce the law. You also file Charges against the individual with the County or State Prosecutor charging them with Assault and Battery. The Police are then required to make an arrest and the individual is brought to trial. Assault and Battery is a Felony in every state, and the perp can be sentanced to up to five years in Prison. You also file Conspiracy to Commit Assault and Battery against those who advocate such action, this likewise is a felony, such as Mr Greg Palast, or anyone else who makes such comments. Mr Palast may live in NY but with a Felony hanging over his head and an arrest warrent issued by the Prosecutor and entered into the National Crime Information Center Data Base he can be arrested there and returned to WI for Trial. Think about it, how embrassing would it be to have such a warrent served at his home while he is setting down to dinner with his family, and being placed in Handcuffs in front of a few hundred news media.

  • John Detwiler

    How about union member like Miles Kristen? An Idiot if I ever herard of one. And How about that lineral left leftist so called journalist Greg Palast who cheered this behavior and suggested a much more drastic behavior. Its a shame that we have people expressing their opinion when they haven\’t even enough brains to realize how stupid and idiotic they actually sound.

  • Seediore

    Mr. McVey, I agree with you 100%! We should not play into their hands and return evil for evil. The best way to fight this kind of injustice is by keeping a cool head and deliberately, patiently proceeding through the courts. Quite frankly, I believe the current administration is doing all it can to provoke chaos so they can, as you say, enforce Martial Law. Thank you for your sage advice.

  • Seediore

    Mr. McVey, I agree with you 100%! We should not play into their hands and return violence for violence. The best way to fight this kind of injustice is by keeping a cool head and deliberately, patiently proceeding through the courts. Quite frankly, I believe the current administration is doing all it can to provoke chaos so they can, as you say, enforce Martial Law. Thank you for your sage advice.

  • Barbara Tamargo

    Don\’t play into their hands…these Union thugs need to realize this is not 1920 and those tactics do not intimidate anyone anymore…Inste4ad, just write your congressman and demand impeachment of Obama who allows these sick threats and does not do any thing about them. He thinks they are funny because he backs the unions, thats how he got elected the first time…cheating and threatning. Be smarter then them….call for Impeachment and do it now.

  • morninmist

    Nass is just another Republican-Tea Party person instilling fear in you all. And you take the bait-hook lime and sinker just like the Republicans with the help of Fox \”news\” did during the protests.

    >>>>>In this exclusive video interview with the MacIver News Service, Nass said, “[I]f Madison law enforcement authorities don’t begin to crack down on the repeated and escalating harassment of lawmakers and staff “somebody is seriously going to get hurt…or killed.”……….

  • lamont

    Any ignorant liberal EVER pisses on me and IT WILL BE HIS LAST PISS!

  • irishdan

    The fear is that the Democrats, under Obama, will continue to destroy the country.
    No jobs, higher and higher taxes, more inept government, more useless Czars etc.

  • Sandra Carson

    This became a topic because there weren\’t any elevators to urinate in! Revenues should then be increased to supply wayward b;adders portable elevators distributed at left-loon events. Hope their underwares were tidy!

  • Maxine Lemke

    I agree, the best way to combat the ignorance that is shown by the actions of the union membership in Wisconson is with intelligence. Intelligence is what is shown by turning away from such ignorance and not by giving ignorance any credence.

  • Wayne

    Where is Obama and his \”civility\” lecture?

  • SparkGap

    Consider the very real health threat posed by one person\’s body fluids contacting another. Urine, spittle, blood, semen can all can carry disease from one person to another. I know the care taken by first responders to clean up blood on the pavement after \”messy\” collisions. Assault & Battery charges are a well considered response to urination or spitting incidents. Yes, I would be tempted to a violent response in a \”urination attack\”, but why get \”his\” blood on my fist. But to refrain only strengthens the victim\’s case in court & disarms accusations by the attacker & the hostile media.

  • Laura

    I do not think we really need to ask where Obama is on this. What would have happened if the police officer who arrested the Harvard professor dumped beer on Obama because he disagreed with Obama\’s involvement. The anger and the irrationality of liberals alarms me. Today it is beer throwing, what happens when next the bottle of beer is thrown and someone really gets hurt? Yeah I think our leaders need to step up to the plate and demand a stop to this BS.

  • bill


  • Steve Crawford

    I wouldn\’t stop with only democrats pouring anything on me.
    I\’ll give a great demonstration of violence to anyone who dumps anything on me unless it\’s an obvious accident.

  • What should have happened to stop all this mess we are in , when obama was found to be in the highest office of the land as a non- citizen, he shoulod have been jerked out of that office immediately and all the communist, socialist people wouldn\’t be in supreme court and on some of the benches they don\’t even belong. Seems like the american people would be so upset, that demands be put on our elected officials and something be done instead of just talk. He is getting away with treason people, he needs to be removed now not 3 months from now. I support any way to help remove him, lets get behind the man that is calling for a congress to investigate obama action.

  • This is where class shows, and the Liberals always seem to show that they are just about as classless as the bunch of jackasses they are. We conservative constitutionalists always outshine them with our class no matter what the situation. Maybe someday the general population and the MSM will open their eyes and let the light shine in.

  • charles a pembroke

    If they pee on us we will poop on them.

  • Gumbi5

    I\’m not surprised, they been crapping on Republicans for years….

    Best revenge is to make Democrats the permanent minority and change everything they\’ve done back into a Constitutional Republic, not the democracy that they claim we have.

  • SavvyLiberty

    Come on, Carolyn, even jackasses have class! I don\’t know that you can compare Liberals to anything without insulting the ones compared! Liberals are in a class all by themselves- the classless class.

  • Citizen decadence is part of a failing empire, such as Empire-USA. Most citizens are spoiled by handouts and riot if they are cut back. As always, vote-seeking politicians debase the currency, borrow, or steal from abroad (oil?), to payoff voters.
    See part 5, Empires, in the left margin of my Forward site.

  • jimi belton

    This whole world is spinning out of control, the majority of people that bothered to vote 3 years ago, put this usurper into the white house….The man is evil and deranged, in my est. The media will carry his water till hell freezes over…..the good people of USA has to determine that they are going to get behind a good replacement for 0b0m0, and toss his worthless ass out….and look what that raciest oink that he is wed to, look what a total slob she is….toss both out, and go after all of them in the court of law….and if someone comes at me with their urine to toss on me, i can not be certain that i will refrain from putting a bullet thur. their brain….Jimi Belton