Liberal Recall Money Matrix

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National and state liberal groups, led primarily by public employee labor unions, have pumped well in excess of $14,000,000 into the Wisconsin state senate recall elections.

MacIver News’ staff complied this graphic of this unprecedented spending using official reports on file with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (Totals are accurate as of 8/8/11).

These figures include direct contributions from political action committee to candidates, coordinated independent expenditure campaigns, and individual third party expenditures. The overall effort, however, is likely much larger. Member-to-member communications and issue advocacy totals are not required to be reported to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and are therefore not included in this total.

  • Eric

    In the interest of full disclosure, have you done this sort of matrix for the Incumbents as well?

  • Steve

    Pretty sure that Wirch, Holerpin, and Hansen \”ARE\” incumbants

  • Eric

    I guess I was getting at the conservatives in the race. Those who are under fire from all this Union ammo.

  • Tyler

    Curious to know what this is as a percentage of total spending in this undemocratic recall effort

  • Randy King

    Why for Incumbants they where elected by the people just 10 months ago. this is outsiders from the State of Wisc trying to rerig an election they dont like. This is what is wrong with our elections. The People VOTED and this is what they wanted. Money can\’t by you happiness but it sure can buy you an election. Well I guess I am wrong Union are excluded in that statement. Money does buy happiness for them!!!!

  • Sliver33

    Why should they, they are under attack from the Dems, the dems/unions are the ones who wanted the new election, not the Republicans? In normal elections I can understand but this is a revenge election and has nothing to do with fairness.

  • Felix

    That commies are spending money doesn\’t piss me off. What pisses me off is that they GET that money!
    And what pisses me even more is that conservatives are oblivious to this strategy and tactics.
    I am repeating myself million times: we, conservatives need main stream media. Otherwise the money we might give repubics (I don\’t give them money anymore) is wasted on clueless and ineffective 30 second tv spots.
    I would subscribe to mainstream conservative newspapers or/and magazines in a blink of an eye. But not some boring highfilutin National Review (had it, too philosophycal) – mainstream.

  • So what about the $30 million figure? I keep hearing that but am unsure where the additional 15 mil came from. Do we have a breakdown on the total figure spent?

  • Them commies must know how to leverage that there capitalist system to rake in this kinda dough.

    I wonder if they is gonna post a chart called the Conservative Recall Money Matrix. Or maybe there\’s only one side to the story, aye…

  • Since we know that over $30M was spent on this campaign, it seems clear that most of the money spent was actually spent by conservatives or libertarians supporting the incumbents.

    Of course, the actual results appear to be not the result of campaign spending which was very high and very national in origin on both sides, but of personal scandals on the part of a couple incumbents.

    While I support Walker, I am thankful that in this country we are slowly recovering the right of everyone to support his candidate of choice. Let us not be scandalized at the probably very sincere efforts of the opposition to win at the polls. And let us not complain about their campaign spending too much — lest we appear to be the guy with the beam in his eye who complained about the mote in the opposition\’s eye.

    Lee Nason
    New Bedford, Massachusetts