Massive Push to Facilitate Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Underway

WARNING: Unless the public acts soon, it will become a lot easier to commit vote fraud in Wisconsin.

Under a ‘reform’ plan that is racing through the legislature, the manner by which Wisconsinites may register to vote will be drasticaly changed in such a way that Wisconsin’s voter protections will be among the weakest in the United States.

Under the recently-unveiled proposal:

  • People who challenge the validity of potentially fraudulent voters will have to show proof of where they live (and will no longer merely be required to be a legal voter in the state), but those who vote will continue to be free from such obligation when they cast their ballots
  • Individuals in Wisconsin could be registered to vote, and have their sensitive personal information shared with election officials, without their consent
  • National nonprofit groups would be tasked with validating new voter registrations, meaning your local clerk who is sworn to uphold the state and national Constitutions would not have to
  • Registration could take place over the Internet, managed by the same government agency that has spent more than a decade and untold reams of tax dollars tyring (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to facilitate the electronic filing of campaign finance reports
  • Controls on absentee ballot requests and submissions would be significantly weakened

If you hadn’t heard about this, you’re not alone. In fact, the sudden and accelerated effort here was as well-planned and coordinated as any liberal-sponsored vote fraud activity we’ve seen in this state in the last decade.

Assembly Bill 895 and Senate Bill 640, were first made public on March 24th.  By April 1st both bills had public hearings and were passed out of committee on Democrat party line votes.  This week the plan was approved in a similar partisan fashion by the Joint Finance Committee. Floor votes in the Assembly and Senate could happen as early as this week.

The website asks me and  Scot Ross of the leftist One Wisconsin Now to engage in weekly exchanges on a topical issue of our choosing. This week we both wanted to discuss this sleazy attempt to weaken Wisconsin’s already wobbly voting laws.

From my entry this week:

Here’s a more accurate description of what’s going on: “Troubling news out of the Wisconsin Legislature this week as a secretly crafted bill that makes it easier to commit vote fraud is racing toward passage by the Democrat-controlled state government as the majority party is worried about maintaining their power this fall through legal means.” One horrible piece of this plan, which came out of the blue and is moving faster than Gwen Moore’s son ran away from the slashed tires on Republican get-out-the-vote vans, is that it takes registration validation out of the hands of county clerks and allows community organizing groups (Read: ACORN) to assure that all new registrations are on the up and up. 

You can read the entire exchange here.

This liberty-denying monster of a bill is greased for fast passage unless the public becomes informed and outraged quickly.

Stay tuned.

By Brian Fraley
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  • David Luther

    Mark this is another example of where liberals think the ends justify the means. Liberals don\’t accept honesty as a starting point for promoting there ideas and causes. These believers in socialism actually promote the use of lies and dishonesty as part of there plan. Descent god loving people who love this country have to draw a line in the sand and say we won\’t accept this bill as it is represents intentional deception with the intent of voter fraud.

  • Tomm Lehnigk Jr.

    Senate Bill 640 and Assembly Bill 895 change a number of laws relating to elections and voting in Wisconsin. The primary changes include: determining how Wisconsin will implement the federal MOVE Act requirements regarding absentee ballots for military and overseas voters; facilitating automatic voter registration through various state agencies; streamlining in-person absentee voting and setting up a permanent list for mail-in absentee ballots; prohibiting voter intimidation and suppression by establishing a voter bill of rights; and easing election worker burdens by implementing local clerk recommendations regarding election workload and clarifying existing election statutes.
    The bill’s lead sponsors introduced a substitute amendment requiring a anyone challenging a voter’s qualifications to be a voter in the same county as the voter being challenged and providing for online voter registration (also proposed in AB 892/SB 645). The Joint Committee on Finance met on April 7, 2010 and approved the substitute amendment.

  • jeff tancre

    i have not heard of this.
    tomm lehnigk jr cant hear when the dems are talking there points or he would know thats where the real crazy spin comes from!
    this realy sounds like something the progressives will try to do to bad the few true dems cant hear the stupid lies!

  • Luonne Dumak

    I have been one of group of women that has been to going Madison for hearings and G.A.B meetings for almost two years. This bill is product of may bills. No one is against easing the way to make it better for our Military to vote. Infact that is AB.33O which is the only good part of this bill. The rest of the bill is an Acorn fraud bill and a start of Universal voter registration. This could also lead to groups like the PEW Foundations in charge of our elections.We have read the bill and it worse has it goes.

  • Voter fraud doesn\’t exist. Plain and simple. If you can produce one shred of evidence that a wide-spread conspiracy to commit voter fraud (that is, voting in someone else\’s name to influence the outcome of an election), please provide it. I\’m not going to hold my breath.

    Conservatives have been pushing this lies for years without any evidence that \”voter fraud\” exists in an effort to keep seniors, minorities and students from exercising the full franchise.

  • vandy

    The absentee ballots is exactly how Al Franken got elected in Minnesota.

    SO THE FIX IS IN…….wake up

  • Doug

    The provisions in SB640/AB895 promote rampant voter fraud. The right to vote requires the honest registration of the electorate and accurate counting of valid ballots. Those who wish to vote must exercise some responsibility in identifying themselves as legal members of the voting public as well as having a minimum understanding of the issues upon which they are casting their ballots.
    SB640/AB895 undermines many of our safeguards, encourages \”casual\” registration & voting and discourages challenges to obvious fraud.

    You can add a \”ID Required\” notation to your voter registration list by downloading the form at:

  • Coop

    Why do you demand evidence of wide-spread voter fraud? And frankly, I think we found that in the last presidential election cycle with ACORN. Besides, the fact that voter fraud happens AT ALL means that we need to take steps to make sure it doesn\’t happen at all. And yes, it does happen. If you believe it doesn\’t, you are delusional, living under a rock, or both.

  • Because without evidence that voter fraud actually exists, there is no need to enact legislation like voter ID, which unfairly targets groups like seniors, students, minorities and working class people. I\’m not delusional — I actually think I\’m being quite fair in asking for some evidence before my constitutional right to cast a vote is thrown out.

    Since 2000, there have been only a few dozen of successful prosecutions of voter fraud in the entire nation — a percent of the electorate so small, the trailing zeros approach ten (that\’s .00000000001 for you not-math-inclined types.) Enacting Voter ID legislation just in Wisconsin would negatively impact tens if not hundreds of thousands of voters.

    Furthermore, ACORN did not commit voter fraud. Just because a wayward ACORN worker might register \”Mickey Mouse\” to vote, does not mean that Mickey Mouse is going to show up to vote. That is not voter fraud. I\’m not going to defend the actions of ACORN workers that committed voter registration fraud, but I am going to defend the organization, which when it discovered the registration fraud, did the right thing and turned in its workers and the fraudulent registration forms.

    And let\’s be clear — voter ID would do absolutely nothing to prevent \”Mickey Mouse\” from being registered again.

  • \”Those who wish to vote must exercise some responsibility in identifying themselves as legal members of the voting public \”

    This bill would simply allow folks to register at state agencies, like the DMV, where you have ALREADY shown an ID to conduct business. How is that fraud?

  • mr. parker

    Of course voter fraud exists.
    The city of Milwaukee didn\’t clear the old property owners off the voting rolls for my address until I demanded it. Students who live in Milwaukee also vote in their college town, because there\’s no id required. Retired people from Wisconsin vote here and also vote in their snowbird state. There\’s thousands of situations like those. The ACORN nuts and other useless community organizations use this and have shown that they will do anything to get anyone to register to vote.

    We don\’t need this legislation. We simply need for someone to show their driver\’s license or state ID and check it against their address when they show up to vote. This is ridiculous that we can\’t have fair elections.
    Also, to show solidarity with the Iraqi people, I think it would be a great idea if we were to dip our index finger in indelible ink after we voted instead of those stupid \’I Voted\” stickers.

  • Looks like Robert is the designated lib on this site!Libs do what they do because they think they can get away with it, being honest is of no cercern to them. Come Nov. it won\’t make any difference how much they cheat,they will be thrown out and the country will be better off for it!

  • Jetsam

    Robert–> WOW just WOW. Your ignorance of the way things happen in the real world is quite unbelievable. There are stacks of complaints on the Milwaukee Police Chief’s desk that are not even going to be looked into. There is evidence all over, just not enough money or manpower to go after them or whatever lame excuse is being used now. Just because you say that voter fraud does not exist does not mean it is true. Using your same standards, if you say you are the Queen of England does that make is so?
    I would like to know how having a form of ID would in ANY way disenfranchise any legal voter. What planet are you living on? In this world, we need an ID for many BASIC things. Like using a check/credit card, Like cashing a check, Like getting on a plane, Like getting lunch on campus, Like buying booze and so on and so forth. I will not separate any group from anyone like you did, as we ALL need ID in everyday life. I ask for proof from you that providing an ID will in ANY way disenfranchise a legal voter. I would love to see the logic that you try to use.
    This bill would not just allow you to register at the DMV. You may register at the polls and the GAB would verify the person via DOT records. It is very vague. Does that mean that they can say yep the name is in the DOT records and they are good? Do they see a picture of the person? Just name and address? What really does this mean and what will happen? No one knows so let’s push it thru… I suggest that you actually read the bill Then you can show us you are a true idiot. I am not even going to bring up the mail or web aspects of this bill.
    Your arguments are simple and ridiculous.

  • Once again, I simply ask for the proof that some sort of widespread conspiracy to commit voter fraud to influence an election. This shouldn\’t be hard. According to the US Dept. of Justice, voter fraud is one of the easier crimes to prosecute. For one, there\’s always a paper trail — you have to give someone else\’s name, and then hope that person doesn\’t turn up to vote. If that happens, red flag right away, and Fox News would be first on the scene.

    The lack of prosecution for voter fraud isn\’t for lack of trying though.

    From a 2007 article in the American Prospect:
    Starting in 2002, Justice required every U.S. attorney to designate a district election officer, whose job it would be to end this epidemic of electoral fraud. These officers\’ attendance was required at annual training seminars, where they were taught how to investigate, prosecute and convict fraudulent voters. The statutes were adequate; the investigators were primed, well-funded and raring to go.

    And nothing happened. For the simple reason that when it comes to voter fraud in America, there\’s no there there. Voter fraud is a myth — not an urban or rural myth, as such, but a Republican one.

    As a report authored this spring by Lorraine Minnite, a political science professor at Barnard College of Columbia University, for the voter-rights program Project Vote makes unmistakably clear, the government\’s failure to prosecute or convict more than a handful of people for voter fraud isn\’t for lack of trying. Since 2002, the Justice Department\’s Ballot Access and Voting Integrity Initiative has, as Gonzales put it, \”made enforcement of election fraud and corruption offenses a top priority.\” And yet between October 2002 and September 2005, just 38 cases were brought nationally, and of those, 14 ended in dismissals or acquittals, 11 in guilty pleas, and 13 in convictions.

    Though a Justice Department manual on election crime states that these cases \”may present an easier means of obtaining convictions than do other forms of public corruption,\” federal attorneys have failed to rack up those convictions, for the simple reason that incidents of fraud have been few and far between.

    Even the Bush DOJ said voter fraud would be EASY TO PROSECUTE if they could find it. So, what\’s the deal?

  • to quote \”we need an ID for many BASIC things. Like using a check/credit card, Like cashing a check, Like getting on a plane, Like getting lunch on campus, Like buying booze and so on and so forth. I will not separate any group from anyone like you did, as we ALL need ID in everyday life. I ask for proof from you that providing an ID will in ANY way disenfranchise a legal voter. I would love to see the logic that you try to use.\”

    Sorry, but none of those things are guaranteed rights under the Constitution. Voting is.

  • Voter ID will disenfranchise lots of people, and the impact on certain segments of the population is undeniable. For example:

    In order to get an ID, one would have to trek off to the local DMV. First there are the challenges in getting off of work and getting to the DMV if you depend on public transportation.

    Then there\’s the challenge of getting to a DMV that\’s actually open. In Wisconsin, 42% of all DMV\’s are open 4 days or fewer every month, and 20% of all DMV\’s are only open 1 day a month. There are 2 counties in Wisconsin that don\’t have a DMV at all.

    Then, for all you anti-\”big government\” types, there\’s the massive increase in DMV bureaucracy we\’d need to fund in order to deal with the crush of citizens who want to vote, and would then need an ID.

    And who doesn\’t currently have an ID in Wisconsin? Fewer than 50% of African American and Latino adults don\’t have an valid photo ID. For young adults 18-24, only 26% of African Americans and 35% of Latinos have an ID, compared with 70% of whites. And 23% of all people over 65 in Wisconsin don\’t have an ID.

    And as a recent college graduate, I can certainly attest to the difficultly I would have faced in getting a new ID every year I moved. Because according to the proposed Voter ID laws, the address on the registration would have to match my ID in order to cast ballot. Why should students have to jump through this hoop year after year, simply to cast a vote? Especially when there is, once again, NO EVIDENCE that voter fraud exists! This is all about denying people the right to vote, especially disgusting from you teabagger types who claim to have a monopoly on knowledge of Constitution.

  • There you go! Ad hominem attack! Always a good way to go.

  • admin

    Robert, these arguments are as weak as they are tired.
    Here is an exchange, from 5 years ago about voter ID:

    But that\’s not the point of this legislation, is it? Next Tuesday the legislature is poised to pass a bill that has nothing to do with voter ID. Rather it\’s about making real fraud, real easy. There is no need expressed by anyone for this legislation, which came out of the blue and is on the fast track.

  • WKD

    Proof, per your request:

    If you don\’t want to go to the link, here\’s the opening paragraph:

    In February 2008, the Milwaukee Police Department\’s Special Investigation Unit released a stunning report that should silence skeptics who say vote fraud is not an issue in Wisconsin. The investigators found after an 18-month probe that in 2004 there had been an \”illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome of an election in the state of Wisconsin.\”

  • Further investigation of that study showed that almost all of these incidences were due to administrative error or other errors and not actual voter fraud. And none of the problems cited in the study would be solved by implementing voter ID. Nice try though!

  • Steve

    Robert…Wake up to the truth. Blame it on Administrative errors if you want, but facts were publicized. What flavor Kool-Aid do you prefer?

  • TD

    You can spin it any way you want Robert … the bottom line is simple, and all that spinning ain\’t gonna change it. The one thing that can be done to preserve the fundamental principle of \’One Man, One Vote\’ is to require photo identification at the time of casting a ballot. Any election reform law that does not include that basic provision is a waste of time at best, and a license to commit fraud at worst. It doesn\’t take a massive study, or people prosecuted for vote fraud to justify it … it just makes sense. And until you lefties are willing to do away with registering firearms and requiring ID to purchase those, spare me the bullshit about how you shouldn\’t need an ID to carry out a constitutionally guaranteed right. Robert you are nothing but a punk kid, still wet behind the ears, who doesn\’t have the first clue about standing up for a principle that REALLY matters. I\’ve met a truck load of guys like you in my life … and you\’re all the same … nothing more than a disingenuous political hack,who puts party and power before country and quite simply, what is fundamentally right. You know it … I know it … and the people of Wisconsin who overwhelmingly support voter ID do to. I\’d have at least a modicum of respect for you if you would just come out and admit the truth.

  • Call me names or whatever you want, but you\’re still arguing for a \”solution\” to a problem that doesn\’t exist. Voter ID is nothing but the 21st century version of Jim Crow. Why not just bring back the poll tax? While you\’re at it TD, why don\’t you roll it back to the 19th century and only let white male property owners vote?

  • hellbender

    roberts the only sane one on here. 4 more years! the american public is getting tired of republicans not playing ball and using the same old LIES not even FOX will save you. we WILL become a socialist nation and take our place with the rest of the world

  • TD

    How would you know if a problem exists if you have no way of knowing if the ballot cast for a particular name in the voter registry is actually someone who showed up to cast a ballot? Ahhh … but that\’s just the point, isn\’t it? And save the \’your a racist\’ crap … NO ONE really believes it\’s racist to expect a voter to have an ID on them when they show up to vote, even you. Do you have an original thought on this, or are you only able to keep regurgitating all the silly liberal talking points that no one has been buying for 8 years on this. Wise up Bobby …

  • Nuge

    Are you that guy who plays on the RR tracks while a train is coming…..are you related to the MORON who parked her car on the tracks in Elm Grove last year…. Endangered herself, officers, as well as her idiot hubby and kids during a parade?? You sound like her helpless brother. I suggest you remove your helpless self from the path that the train is on….
    I hear a train a comin
    It\’s rolln round the bend….
    Something along those lined, strong and steady as she goes

    Yea something along those lines
    strong and steady as she goes

  • Gary Lee

    More lies? What the bill actually says is one thing. What it is interpreted as meaning is another thing and a likely candidate for more legislation from the bench. Mr. Lehnigk\’s response merely states words as written in the bill. What appears to be missing is the argument for voting \”for\” it. \”Facilitating automatic voter registration\”? Easily done if you are an illegal or an out-of-stater having fraudulent ID (read \”driver\’s license\”). The DMV doesn\’t verify your domicile when renewing. And what if someone doesn\’t want to be registered or someone assumes the identity of a deceased person? The fraud becomes \”automatic\”.

    \”Prohibiting voter intimidation\”? Meaning a prohibition of someone\’s dispute of another person\’s residency? Such as knowing that someone is here in this country illegally and objecting to it? Or knowing a person is a felon and objecting to his/her voter eligibility?

    \”Easing election worker burdens…\”- meaning, allowing some \”national organization\”, without any knowlege or proof of your residency or citizenship, to vouch for your eligibility to vote?

    It certainly appears that a degree of substance and objectivity is missing from this assertion of \”more lies from the rebulican party\”. Not surprising however, as liberal arguments usually lack fact and tend to be more mud slinging and emotional outbursts than anything else.

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