Introducing the MacIver Minute…

Welcome to the inaugural ‘MacIver Minute’ feature. Periodically, we will step away from the day to day public policy debates going on in Wisconsin and Washington, DC and offer a brief look at an interesting person or issue of relevance to our readers. Despite the title, we won’t hold ourselves to 60 seconds, but these will be quick hit videos that are meant to spur discussion. Today, we offer a brief interview with with Ambassador Mark Green, former Republican Congressman from Green Bay and 2006 Republican candidate for Governor of Wisconsin. Ambassador Green, currently the Managing Director of the Malaria No More Policy Center in Washington, DC, explains why conservatives should support the notion of the US providing foreign assistance to countries in need.

  • Ken

    Mr. Green should have WI govenor but he needs to look into Mr. Jim Humbles malaria intervention which cuts to the chase of the gov\’t involvement in foreign affairs as well as domestic in regards to bureaucratic and special interests control. Not a cure.